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Let a Live Chat Application relieve some of the festive pressure on your Call Centres
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08 December 2015

Gemma Baker


Let a Live Chat Application relieve some of the festive pressure on your Call Centres

By adding a live chat application, local authorities can relieve the pressure that their staff feel this time of year, with additional Christmas enquiries about extra festive activities and changes in the usual schedules.


The festive period is a very busy time for everyone and Local Authority Call Centres are no exception. With the festive period quite often come changes to some of the scheduled services that Local Authorities offer such as refuse collections, Christmas markets and School closures due to snow.  This often leads to Call Centres being inundated with a higher volume of calls during this time as residents confirm changes.

Click4Assistance online chat system can ease the pressure

This puts added pressure onto an already skeleton staffed Call Centre during this time but by implementing a live chat application to their websites, Local Authorities could benefit. It was recently confirmed that Council Call Centres now handle more than 50 million calls every year and one of their busiest times is over the festive period. Everyone understands that call operatives are limited to only handling one call at a time but there is a way of increasing the efficiency of your Call Centre. 


Online chat system - Snowman











By implementing web chat solutions, call operatives are able to use the software to efficiently handle multiple chats simultaneously. The online chat system also enables the operatives to have predefined replies which can be easily edited for specific answers and can also help speed up the response time without diluting the quality of the response, which means more enquiries can be answered.

Callers questions can be answered quickly and more efficiently, which is great news, as we all know there is nothing more annoying than being in a telephone queue waiting to answer a question and then having to repeat the question to each person as you are transferred between departments. Live chat applications can increase your caller’s satisfaction with their question and the customer service experience of the Call Centre. This in turns helps to enhance the reputation of the Local Authority.

Why choose Click4Assistance Web Chat Software

Click4assistance, the UK’s premier Live Chat software provider, offers a cost effective communication channel for Local Authorities and the cost of implementing this web chat solution is not as expensive as you may think. In fact the implementation of such software often does not require a lengthy tender process and can be implemented through your small contract procurement procedures making it easy to implement. 

For more information, contact one of our Local Authorities Coordinators for a free no obligation demonstration of the software. Please call us on Tel: 0845 123 5871, email us on or start a chat at


UK providers of live chat software and online communication tools to a range of industries, we offer a cutting edge, resilient and proven live chat solution backed-up with first class support and advice.


Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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