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A live chat service provider to grow your business with

Having a live chat service running on your website is a long-term commitment so naturally you will be looking for a provider on whom you can rely for a long time and you can grow and scale according to the growth of your business. You will find an ideal business partner and a live chat service provider in A slew of businesses in the UK trust our services and use our live chat service to provide world-class customer service on their websites.

As a qualified live chat service provider we have been servicing small to medium-sized enterprises and corporate organisations for more than 8 years. We offer you our toolbox that is versatile, scalable and completely customisable so that it seamlessly fits into the inherent nuances of your business website. Being a forward-looking live chat service provider we are constantly taking feedback from our customers and doing our own research and development to keep our live chat service up-to-the mark and cutting-edge.

Live Chat Service Provider

Can you trust us as your one-stop live chat service provider?

Definitely. We don't want you to spend time dealing with different vendors when you can find the entire gamut of live chat -related services in a single toolbox. In our live chat service toolbox you get:

  • Transcripts of previous chat sessions
  • 256-bit encryption technology
  • Real-time on-site web analytics
  • Ability to text as well as video chat
  • Ability to leave messages in case a chat agent on your side is not available
  • Canned responses for frequently asked questions
  • Time and action-triggered chat sessions
  • Performance evaluation reports regarding how fast issues are resolved and what is the experience of people while interacting with your chat agents
  • Ability to upsell and cross-sell multiple products and services
  • Exchange documents and URLs while having conversations
  • An ability to chat with 3 people per chat agent simultaneously
  • Proactively engage people on your website and convert casual visitors into paying customers and clients
  • Fully-customised fliers and pop-ups to promote your latest offers

Why Click4Assistance is the live chat service provider of preference for many UK-based businesses and organisations?

We are the favourite live chat service provider for a litany of UK companies, organisations, government departments and institutions because we promote our services only to UK companies to ensure that we speak your language and provide our services according to your needs. When you contact us for support there is no chance that you will hear someone with a totally alien accent and no understanding of your problems.

Although automation is not a bad concept somewhere we need to draw a line especially when it comes to providing individual attention to our customers. As a customer-friendly live chat service provider we prefer to deal with you directly rather than forcing you to self-help portals, email ticketing systems or international call centres. All our support staff and account managers work in your time zone.

These are important aspects. But what about the actual product? The live chat on website that you use to grow your business?

The most advanced features that are these days available in world-class live chat services are also available in our live chat service. When you partner with us as your preferred live chat service provider you can rest assured of an all-encompassing live chat toolbox.

When you have installed our live chat service people should be able to reach out to you easily, preferably with just a single click of a chat icon or a chat button. On your side, you should be able to closely observe your visitors and then initiate chat sessions at the most appropriate time. You should be able to see when people enter your website and when they leave. You should be able to know which pages attract the most traffic and which pages send people away from your website. Our live chat service will tell you when people abandon your shopping cart midway, exactly at what juncture they do that.

Aside from these, being a provider of live chat services to a wide spectrum of businesses, organisations and institutions, we totally understand your need for branding. You want your chat interface to become a part of your website rather than a separate software you have gotten from somewhere else. It should work and feel like an extension of your existing website. This is easily possible with our live chat service toolbox. You can either work with your own web designer or you can contact us for your customisation needs.

Start doubling your business now

Yes, you can actually double your business within a few minutes provided you have installed our live chat service and there is a constant stream of visitors to your website drawn by a need to purchase something that you are selling.

There are many holes through which your customers are flowing away and with our live chat software you can plug those holes. You can provide help if people are feeling clueless. You can direct them to the right URL in case they cannot find the appropriate information. You can help them make credit card payments if they haven't done so before. All sort of help you can provide once your live chat service is active. Register at our website, the setup and the entire exercise takes hardly 5-10 minutes and this 5-10 minutes-exercise can completely transform your business. What are you waiting for?

Live Chat Service Provider