Real-time visitor engagement and tracking with live chat windows

With our business live chat software you can allow your visitors to start live chat windows so that they can interact with your chat agents in real-time. These live chat windows don't necessarily need to be initiated by your visitors, even you or one of your representatives can prompt a chat session if it is felt that there is need for an urgent interaction or for some hard selling.

Whatever interaction takes place within the live chat windows, a transcript file is saved, that can be later on retrieved so that there is no communication gap if you need to talk to one of your visitors multiple times spanning multiple days.

Live Chat Window

Why live chat windows are your best bet when it comes to engaging your visitors in real-time?

The live chat windows application from Click4Assistance comes with a complete set of features that allow you to track every moment and behaviour of your visitors once they have logged onto your website. Although at a time you can hold 3 conversations using our business live chat software, you can monitor each and every visitor while he or she is on your website. Information such as from which geographic location the person has logged onto your website, through which page he or she entered your website, currently on which page he or she is, where on your website he or she has spent his or her time the most and in case he or she has come via a search engine what keywords or search term he or she used in order to discover your website.

This is highly critical information and it equips you with all the necessary background details you may need in order to initiate a meaningful conversation with your visitors.

Which features make our live chat windows application visitor engagement seamless on your website?

There are many ways you can fruitfully engage your visitors and encourage them to do business with you while they are on your website. Mostly it is a communication gap that sends people away from your website. For example, they are not able to find the information they are looking for or they are misinterpreting the information you have already put up on your website.

If you feel that on his or her way to your shopping cart or the checkout section he or she is spending lots of time on a particular web page you can easily make out that there is some problem and this is the time when you can send out a proactive that looks like live chat windows, if they accept you can have a conversation with the person and ask whether there is an issue. There is a 60% abandonment rate when it comes to people leaving shopping carts on e-commerce websites. In most of the cases people leave because they are unsure of proceeding further or some doubts develop. These doubts can be nipped in the bud using our live chat windows application.

You can also send them predefined responses – they are also called canned responses – in case people ask questions that are often asked. These canned responses can also be saved in the chat database so that they can be retrieved without your intervention.

The transcripts of the chat can be immediately emailed to your visitors.

Another great thing about our live chat windows application is that the conversations can be switched between operators without any communication gap.

Improve your life support now using our live chat windows application

Using the post chat surveys our live chat windows application allows you to improve your support system and increase your customer loyalty. It is often the support that a business gives after making a sale that increases the goodwill even if there are some faults in the product or the service. If you provide better support to your customers and clients via your chat windows application they don't mind doing business with you again and even recommending their friends and family members.

Immediately after having the conversation when you and the visitor feels that the chat session is over, you can redirect the visitor to the ratings section where the visitor can give you stars according to the experience he or she has had while having conversation with you (or with one of your representatives). According to the feedback you can make changes the way you interact with your prospective customers and clients.

So what are you waiting for? Download our live chat windows application now

There is no need to wait. You can start engaging your visitors right now and turn them into customers and clients with little effort. You can download our trial version that comes with all the features intact (without customisation) so that you can start engaging your visitors immediately. So don't let your visitors go away before doing business with you. Download our business live chat software now.

Live Chat Window

Live Chat Window