Have you been looking for the best online chat providers for your website?

Congratulations! If you have been frantically searching for the best online chat providers for your website, especially in the UK, your search has ended. Click4Assistance has been repeatedly listed among the best online chat providers not just in the UK but all over the Internet.

Online Chat Providers

What makes Click4Assistance one of the best online chat providers?

One of our best qualities is that we have had a history of 99.99% uptime. This is practically an unbeatable record. What it means is, very few online chat providers can keep their chat facilities running all the time. Since all the chat support software depend on web servers, sooner or later they are bound to hit a roadblock – maybe there is an outage, maybe there is a virus, maybe there is a hacking incident, whatever – which is not the case when you use online chat from Click4Assistance. We are among the very few providers who use multiple servers at highly secure locations to ensure that your chat application is running round-the-clock.

Most of the online chat providers primarily focus on giving you an ability to carry out basic chatting functions but this is not the case with Click4Assistance. Our toolbox is a complete conversion powerhouse.

We give you an ability to closely observe your visitors – something the other online chat providers don't provide. Unless you know what your visitors have been up to, how can you have meaningful conversations with them?

Our chat support software gives product and service providers like you an ability to get a 3-D view of your visitors. This means that you can observe every individual visitor what all pages he or she has so far visited, what is the current page that he or she is visiting, through which page he or she entered your website and what keywords or key phrase the person used if he or she was redirected to your website by a search engine. This way by the time you initiate a conversation you already have all the needed data on the person.

Be counted as one of the best after-sales service providers using our online chat facility

The greatest gripe among people is that once they have purchased a product or a service, the after-sales service is practically missing. Businesses all over the world are, unfortunately gradually, realising that the only way to gain an edge is by providing exceptional after-sales service because this increases customer loyalty and customer loyalty doesn't just bring the same old customers back to you, they also bring new customers in the form of recommendations and conversations happening over social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you can resolve an issue promptly, people will do business with you irrespective of how your product or service is (as long as it performs the functions it is supposed to perform).

Even our trial version beats the other online chat providers in terms of the features provided

Unlike other online chat providers we don't want you to miss out on the awesome features that come with a world-class online chat service. Aside from the web analytics feature that we have already described above, our online chat uses 256-bit encryption so that people can easily share with you their confidential information while interacting with you. You can use both text chat as well as video chat (web cams will be required at both ends for this).

The ability to direct customers to various sections of the website from the chat agent's end is a feature greatly admired by many businesses. This way you can redirect your visitors to the desired sections on your website without much intervention from them.

Most of the online chat providers don't give you the ability to scale like we do. We have structured our chat support software in such a manner that it can be easily scaled according to the size and demands of your business. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop store or a large enterprise, we have the right online chat package for you. Download our trial version today and experience the power of our online chat software that is not provided by other providers.

Online Chat Providers

Online Chat Providers