An online chat service to instantly boost your sales

Click4Assistance offers you an online chat service that can instantly help you boost your sales without much effort and investment on your part. Even the trial version of our online chat support software beats premium chat service providers from all over the world.

Online Chat Service

Engage your visitors with our online chat service when it really matters

There are very crucial points on your website that can either turn a visitor into a paid customer or client, or can send him or her away for good. Agreed, not every visitor comes to your website for the purpose of doing business with you, but a great percentage does. Also many people won't do business with you the first time they visit your website. They are normally turned into leads before they can become your customers and clients. Aside from helping people do business with you, our online chat service also enables you to double or even triple the rate of leads that you can generate on your website on a given day.

How do you turn your visitors into your leads? By striking up conversations with them and by providing them the help that they need, the help they ask for using your chat button, whether you provide a product or a service.

Provide timely assistance to your prospective customers and clients with our online chat service

Visiting a website is normally a lonely affair. People don't expect to come across anyone while they are browsing a product catalogue or a service listing. At the most they expect a helpline number or an email ID. You can't imagine their surprise when suddenly a chat window pops up and someone who sounds like a human being offers to help.

Offering help on your website using the online chat service is though, a double-edged sword. People don't want unexpected, unsolicited advice. They can be put off if as soon as they come to your website there is a chat window welcoming them (although this might not be the case with many individuals).

So how do you know when to initiate a chat conversation using our chat support software?

Over a period of time as you go on using our online chat service, you will develop an intelligence (using the inbuilt analytics tool) regarding exactly when people may need your intervention. This might be while using your shopping cart. It might also be a particular section on your FAQs page. You may discover that there is a particular page that is sending people away.

Take for instance, using your shopping cart. If you discover that most of your prospective customers are abandoning your shopping cart after a particular point, you can set up a trigger that prompts a proactive invitation as soon as a customer arrives at that particular point. You can design the invitations to offer assistance if it is required.

You can also use an embedded chat window at the bottom of your website that encourages people to contact you in case they need some assistance.

The best online chat service in the UK is just a single registration away

Using the online chat service from Click4Assistance is a seamless activity that can be carried out literally within 5 minutes and even less. All you need to do is register on our website, get the JavaScript snippet that you will have to add to your website using the allocated dashboard, place the snippet on your website and make the necessary adjustments so that the chat button begins to appear somewhere prominently on your website.

You can use the trial version that comes with all the features intact – this means you can use our chat support software to boost your online sales in real-time right now, at this very juncture without making any financial commitment.

Even for those who are ready to make a financial commitment our online chat service packages are highly affordable and they can be easily scaled according to the size of your business and your requirement. Just check out our catalogue that explains the various sizes of online chat services that you provide to a wide section of businesses across the UK.

Online Chat Service

Online Chat Service