Redefine the way you interact with your customers with our chat program

A full-functional chat program allows you to totally change the way you interact with your customers, clients and visitors on your website. Usually, experience on a website is quite lonely and individualistic. Everybody is left to his or her own devices. Without active engagement people leave your website at the slightest excuse. They are constantly getting distracted – in fact the definition of being distracted is totally being altered with the advent of social networking websites. A chat program allows you to keep your visitors hooked on to your website and stop them from going to your competitor's website and even if not your competitor's website, to a slew of other websites that are vying for their attention.

Chat Program

Enterprise-level security and scalability with our chat program

The chat program from Click4Assistance is for every dimension of business as long as constantly engaging your customers is your priority. Our chat program is easily scalable. Whether you have a large corporation, government department, school or institution, hospital, mom-and-pop store or you're running a one-man show from your basement, you can easily scale our chat program according to the number of visitors and employees you have.

The same goes for the level of security that comes with our chat program. While being a small business you can avail enterprise-level security with our 256-bit encryption-enabled chat software for websites. What are the implications?

  • Your visitors will readily share confidential information with you
  • You will be able to carry out credit card transactions on behalf of your customers if somehow they are unable to do so
  • All your interactions will be safe
  • You can hold confidential meetings within your organisation no matter where your employees are in the world
  • Sensitive digital documents can be transferred while you are chatting

So far such level of security was only available to big businesses. Click4Assistance brings the same level of security to every scale of business.

Completely know your customers and visitors with our chat program

As they say, knowledge is power, although in this context we don't intend to use it negatively. The more you know about your customer the better you can help him or her. The same goes with your visitor that you are trying to turn into a customer or a client or even a lead. With our chat solutions you can track someone the moment he or she comes to your website. You know the referring website (the website that the person was visiting exactly before coming to your website). You know the keywords and search term used by the person in case he or she came to your website via a search engine results page. This tells you what that person is looking for.

You know all the pages the person has visited so far on your website and you also know currently on which page the person is. You also know how much time the person has spent on individual pages. You know his or her geographic location. In many instances you also know the language the person speaks and the business or company he or she represents. The inbuilt web analytics feature in our chat program gives you all the information you will ever need to have a meaningful conversation with your visitors and customers.

Why you should choose our chat windows over others?

Our chat button on your website is going to make a big difference if you are based in the UK because our entire team operates from within UK. We don't outsource our support requirements overseas. We are in the same time zone. Our working hours are the same. We speak the same language and in the same accent. These are not major issues but they can turn into big annoyances in many cases.

Other than these ours offer full-featured chat windows. As you have already read above, our chat software for websites comes with a robust web analytics tool. You have the ability to completely customise our chat windows according to the branding needs of your business. Automatic notifications let you know at what point you should initiate chat conversations with your visitors. Simultaneously you can hold 3 conversations with your visitors. You can have both text chat and video chat with our chat solutions. It is completely secure, as you have already read above. You don't need any programming knowledge in order to set up and install our chat program. The trial version comes with all the features that come with the premium version. The list of features is practically unending.

What are you waiting for? Install our chat software for website now

In order to get a chat button running on your website all you have to do is register at, copy and paste the HTML script you receive into your website and once that is done, you can start interacting with your visitors and providing support to your existing customers and clients in no time.

Chat Program

Chat Program