What is a Live Chat Widget?

With years of experience providing live chat for website to UK business, Click4Assistance has come across many terms for a business chat service. These terms include, chat windows, chat features and facilties, chat bolt-on’s, and now the latest is a live chat widget.

At the end of the day all these terms relate to the same things, basically adding a feature into your website that allows visitors to chat in real-time with staff in your company, these staff may be your account managers, support team, finance department and obviously the sales team.

Regarding of who and how many people of chatting to each other, a live chat widget is just another way of saying we have the ability for our customers to chat with us through our website, using a hosted live chat system.

Chat Widget

The difference between a live chat widget and a live chat button

Now the basics are out the way, let me explain between the difference between a live chat widget and a chat button.

A chat button is basically an image that is shown on your website; it usually says something along the lines of “Click here to chat”, when this button is clicked it usually opens a chat facility in a separate browser window (a popup chat window), or it opens an embedded chat facility which is part of your existing business website.

By understanding that chat software for websites can either be in a popup chat window, or embedded in your website you now have the ability to decide which type you prefer to use. Click4Assistance provides both options in one complete solution.

Most companies nowadays prefer to use the embedded chat facility option, so from this point on we will describe this as a chat widget !

Why are live chat widgets all the rage?

A chat widget usually appears in the bottom right of your webpages, even if the visitor moves from page to page on your business website they remain in chat, allowing them to browse the complete website and the various pages while asking questions at the same time.

Where have you seen this before? That’s right, Facebook. They provide a live chat widget to their users; allow them to converse in chat in real-time.

Due to the millions of people using Facebook, this type of chat software for websites is expected by visitors who are browsing your website. If Facebook had decided to have their chat appear in the top-right of the page, millions of people from all over the world would expect it there on every website, it’s really that simple!

What’s the benefit to my business using hosted live chat?

I tend to explain this in one simple sentence, “If you’re on a website, and are offered the options to either pick up the phone and call, send an email, or click for live chat, which would you choose?”

It really is that simple to explain the major benefits adding a live chat widget offers your business. Instant communication is the way forward, people in general are looking for instant, quick answers to their questions and a live chat system provides this.

A live chat widget is just another form of communication just like the phone, so let’s look at what a phone can offer your business:

  • Enquiries and leads
  • Assisting with customer support issues
  • Closing sales and doing deals
  • Addressing customers concerns and complaints

A business chat service offers your business exactly the same benefits and more, for example customers are more likely to engage in sales as they don’t feel as pressurised as they would on the phone, you staff can deal with multiple live chats at the same time, try doing that on the phone!

Am sure we all agree live chat widgets are here to stay for the near futures, video chat will probably become the next extension once individuals are comftable with being on web-cam. Nevertheless, your competition probably are using this type of live chat technology on their website right now, be honest, can you afford not to?

How do I add a live chat widget to my website using a business chat service?

We haven’t even mentioned all the other functionality offered by live chat providers, which should include the ability to monitor visitors on your website and more importantly how they came there in the first place, not to forgot the ability to invite them to chat using proactive invitations, we will leave that for another time.

If you’re looking for live chat for a website, adding a live chat widget to your business website is a serious consideration, Click4Assistance provides a hosted live chat , full featured free trial to prove the benefits, so you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Chat Widget

Chat Widget