Make your customers happy with our live chat application

Are you using our live chat application to make your customers happy? It is a dream of every business (a business that is serious about making long-term profits) to have a long list of happy, satisfied customers because these customers not only repeatedly do business with you, they also bring you new customers. Using a live chat application on your website is the best way to keep your existing customers coming back to your website and recommending more and more customers to you. There are 3 things that keep your customers happy and your business live chat application can help you in this regard:

  • Understand exactly what your product can achieve and how to easily purchase it on your website
  • In case there is some problem get it sorted out as soon as possible so that the product can be used again
  • Availing product-related information with great speed without timelag
Live Chat Application

Live chat application to provide instant support

Our live chat application enables you to provide instant support to your customers from your website. No longer they need to wait for your email to come to the inbox. No longer you need to put them on hold for an indefinite time. The moment they click your chat icon you can be there for them, quickly providing them answers.

Due to various distractions available on the Internet people are becoming more and more impatient – you cannot blame them with so much to be done when you are online. So they don't have time to wait for your support. The moment they have some problem, the moment they have some issue or a question, they want it to be resolved as soon as possible and doing it with live chat application is the best way to go forward.

Empower your customers with your live chat application

Unless you have a mechanism on your website that empowers your customers to contact you exactly when there is a need, they are going to leave your website quietly and sometimes, disgruntled. They may even crib about your lack of support on Facebook or Twitter. You can nip such behaviour in the bud by installing live chat application on your website. When they see a chat icon on your website they instinctively click it to contact you in case there is some problem. It's fundamental human behaviour to seek out solutions as soon as there are problems. It's an urge. If you don't satisfy that urge immediately, people are going to leave and they are going to remember the bad experience they had on your website.

More than 82% people have expressed that their perception of a website turns positive as soon as they see a chat icon on the website. It is a big percentage. So you can easily imagine how many people you must be turning off by not installing our live chat application on your website.

When you have a live chat application on your website it is like people walking up to you whenever they have a problem or a question. It's like, someone is always there to help them. While browsing through various sections of your website, they know that you are just round the corner. A live chat application creates a real-world experience on your website.

How long does it take to install our live chat application on your website?

It hardly takes a few minutes. Long gone are the days when installing a live chat application on your website used to be a Herculean task. Even if it was not difficult, you needed to install the desktop version which wasn't very friendly. No longer remains the case. Everything is cloud-based. Although you need to get setup files from our website and then upload them onto your server, once you have run the setup files, it's a breeze. In fact, you don't need any programming language even to run the setup files. All the information that you need is available in the documentation.

You don't need to hire a programmer or a web designer in order to be able to start engaging customers on your website with our live chat application unless you intend to totally customise the application. So go ahead, give it a try right now.

Live Chat Application