An all-powerful online chat software to turn your business into a powerhouse

You can pretty much run your entire business with our online chat software. The best thing about our online chat software is that it isn't just your visitors and prospective customers and clients with whom you can interact, even your employees can exchange ideas and communicate with each other using our interface. Since our chat comes protected with 256-bit encryption, highly confidential interactions can be carried out using our online chat software for websites whether your employees are placed within the building or scattered all over the globe.

Talking about being scattered all over the globe, we would specifically like to mention that our entire development, marketing and support team is based in the UK to provide a full experience to our UK-based customers. No foreign accents, no miscommunications and no time lags. All our support comes to you within your own time zone and within your own geographic circumstances.

Online Chat Software

Multiple chats at the same time using our online chat software

The fundamental problem with providing support with telephone and email is that all the communication is linear. You can handle just one query at a time. This problem can be easily solved by installing live chat software UK for your business as you can simultaneously interact with 3 visitors/customers/clients at a time in 3 windows (so that there is no mixup). This means you can practically triple your workforce without having to hire new people.

Canned messages with our online chat software reduce scope for error and eliminate repetitive responses

Over a period of time you will notice that most of the questions and queries raised by your visitors are repetitive (after all a business can have only a limited number of questions). Although many queries and questions will require unique responses, many of the responses can be captured within canned messages that can be stored in a database so that your chat agents won't have to directly get involved whenever there is a problem. This drastically improves the resolution time lap. As your visitor begins to type in the question, the canned messages begin to appear. This way, more than 50% of your questions can be handled automatically without direct intervention from your side. Our built-in "canned messages" feature in the online chat software for websites can contain a list of predefined replies for the repetitive customer queries and problems.

The online chat software from Click4Assistance brings you real-time visitor monitoring

The real-time visitor monitoring feature of our online chat software for websites allows you to get maximum information about your visitor before you can initiate a chat session with him or her. The analytics data shows you the actual number of people visiting various sections on your website along with their locations, time zones and language preferences. You will also be able to see the referring websites (the websites they visited before coming to your website). If they came via a search engine, the live chat software for web analytics feature will tell you the keywords and search terms they used that lead them to your website. This way you can talk to them knowing quite well what they are looking for.

Our online chat software generates leads for you even when you are off-line

If you don't have a large workforce it will not be possible for you to remain online all the time. When you're off-line it doesn't mean our live chat software for websites stops working. When you install our online chat service, you get a broad range of contact forms that are fully customisable. Your visitors can use these contact forms to leave their questions and queries along with their contact details so that whenever you come online, you can get back to them. This is a sure shot way of generating hot leads. So your online chat software is working round-the-clock even when you cannot remain online.

How can you get our online chat software in shortest possible manner?

Simply by downloading it from free of cost. But in order to download our trial version you first have to register yourself on our website. Once you registered confirmation emails will be sent to your email with the software download link and the HTML script for your website and within 5-10 minutes you can have our online chat software for websites running and converting on your website. It's so easy that you will be amazed why you haven't already been using it. Especially when it can totally turn around your business. So go ahead, download our online chat service right now and start converting your visitors into customers and clients.

Online Chat Software

Online Chat Software