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Are you looking for online chat software to engage with visitors on your website? When it comes to selecting the right online chat software for your website you may be able to find 100s of such chat support software on the Internet but businesses and organizations in the UK prefer a reliable company that doesn't just develop the software within the country but the entire support team resides and functions from within the UK.

How does it matter? Well, we have been continuously talking to our existing customers and more than 98% say that it matters to them a lot that all our support and integration staff is from the UK so that there is no time difference and no cultural misunderstanding. Just imagine you suddenly need some help and when you call us, someone from China or Brazil or India takes up the phone and neither you nor he can understand what is going on. But that's just one issue.

Online Chat Software

The actual buying and selling happens when you have an online chat software functioning on your website

There is nothing like real-time interaction. This is something online buyers have been desperately missing, especially people who are much comfortable talking to someone rather than quietly going through the catalogue and then deciding whether they should buy or not.

An online chat software interface is like the front desk in a brick-n-mortar office. You can even compare it to your average salesperson roaming around in the shop helping and assisting shoppers.

Once you have the online chat software from Click4Assistance activated on your website you can greet people as they come to your website. You can either welcome them as soon as they land on your website or you can wait for them to come to a particular section on your website before you take the initiative. You can set automatic triggers for that.

For example, there is a certain section on your website that normally leads people to your shopping cart and consequently, to your checkout section where people can make the payment and order your product. This is also the section where people usually get mixed up and leave your website. So this would be a good point to set up a trigger to prompt a chat conversation. Our chat support software will automatically detect if a particular visitor is on that critical section and then give you an alert and accordingly you can set up automatic proactives invitations to offer help to every visitor on that page.

Up-selling and cross-selling can be a breeze using our online chat software

You can also do up selling and cross selling using our online chat software. This is practically impossible to achieve unless you have got highly advanced e-commerce software installed on your website (something to the tune of what websites like have). Would you like to sell a more expensive car to your visitor through up-selling? Would you also like to add a few accessories to the car a person is buying through cross-selling?

These can only be achieved with real-time interaction using our online chat software

Want to engage your visitors on your website? Then setup our online chat software now

Do you know that 82% people would like to do business on websites where there is an online chat software installed? This is because it gives them a feeling of someone being there in case they get into some problem or in case they need to ask a question. Normally when you visit a website you are always on your own. In case you are stuck somewhere, you know that unless you call someone or unless you send an email, no help is coming your way.

Calling for help means picking up the phone, dialling the number and then often, being asked to wait. Even with email, it might be quite a hassle. But this is not the case with an online chat software application. All one has to do is click the chat button and there you have it. This is why more and more prospective customers and clients look for a chat icon the moment they need to ask something on a website. Are you providing this chat support software on your website? If not, you have already lost a customer or two while reading this. So hurry, install and setup our online chat software on your website now

Online Chat Software

Online Chat Software