Online help chat for all kinds of communication needs

Online help chat is a great way to enable people to communicate to you in as easy a manner as possible. In most of the cases it is just about clicking a chat icon and a big difference can be made.

Online chat software isn't just for business purposes, although people mostly use online chat software for websites to improve their conversion rate. Even hospitals and counselling services these days abundantly use online help chat to reach out to people who need emotional as well as psychological assistance.

Online help chat

What makes people trust our online help chat?

There are many reasons why people in the UK completely trust our online chat software. Our chat applications are especially being used by many government departments as well as hospitals and schools due to complete security they provide. We use 256-bit encryption to make sure your information is completely secure while you are interacting with your website visitors. In fact you can display this information prominently on your website so that people feel safe while exchanging sensitive data with you such as documents, certificates and even their credit card details.

If you run a counselling service you can provide immediate assistance to people in distress using our online help chat. As already mentioned above, your data can be kept completely confidential due to the encryption technology we use.

We are a totally UK-based company and this is something our customers really appreciate. They know that whenever they call us, write us or best, chat with us, they know that the person talking on the other side is based in the UK itself rather than on the other side of the globe. This is not just a psychological relief, the person providing you online help chat totally understands your problems, speaks in your accent and in case some local disturbance is going on, he or she is totally aware of it. This is not possible if the online chat software for website is outsourced to a company in another country.

Easily keep previous records of your online sales chat conversations

All the online chat system conversation transcripts are automatically saved with unique IDs and date-time stamps. These transcripts can be later retrieved whenever you need to. In fact, if you are having a chat with a person on an ongoing basis the previous chat transcripts automatically become available to you as everybody needs to sign in with a unique ID or email before a chat conversation can be initiated. You have the ability to email the transcripts to yourself as well as the person with whom you have just had a chat. This way both of you will have a record of what was exchanged.

Automatic notifications can make your online help chat more effective

Timing is of extreme importance when it comes to effectively using online help chat. One way to respond in a timely manner is to be available to your visitor whenever he or she clicks the chat icon. Another way is to offer help on your own. On many websites you notice a pop-up suddenly coming up as soon as you enter the website, which may or may not work for some websites. The best thing to do is, set automatic triggers so that a notification is sent to you the moment a visitor is on a particular section of your website.

Suppose someone is visiting the trauma section of your website. This is the place where a person can need your help. So as soon as someone begins to load pages of the trauma section of your website, a notification is triggered to you and you can approach that person in case he or she needs your assistance.

As you must have read multiple times on our website, the same technique can also be applied to increase your website sales. Your visitors visit particular sections of your website when they are about to make a purchase. But still, just a small percentage of these visitors actually end up buying from you. Most of them abandon your shopping cart midway. You can stop many of them from going away by online sales chat and solving their problems there and then. Mostly they cannot figure out whether they actually need to buy or not or how to make the payment with the credit card. These are the problems that can be immediately resolved using our online chat system.

How to get online chat software for your website from Click4Assistance

It's very easy to get online sales chat for your website from Click4Assistance. In fact you don't even have to spend money. Our trial version comes with all the features that come in the premium version. Create an account on our website and download the software, Once it is installed, you can log into your account, get a small piece of JavaScript code, and place it somewhere in the source code of your existing website. That's it, online help chat becomes active on your website.

Online help chat

Online help chat