Improve your revenue with our online sales chat software

Installing online sales chat on your website is definitely the best move you can make towards growing your business in an easiest and fastest manner. The biggest hurdle between your business and your sales is the communication gap that occurs because there is nobody to attend to people's queries, apprehensions and suggestions. It's a very lacklustre affair. People come to your website, go through various sections, like something, and dislike something, find something indifferent and in most of the cases, leave your website. They don't even want to take trouble of going to your contact form and submitting it so that you can get back to them. This is because there is no engagement on your website.

Online Sales Chat

Is there an alternative to installing customer service chat in order to improve your sales?

There was a time when you couldn't think of running a business without a telephone connection. Then you got multiple connections. The same happened with email. In the very beginning of the Internet time, the email was a fad mostly used by geeks and NASA-type scientists. Then it went mainstream and businesses started using it. These days almost every employee of your organization must have an email ID.

The same is happening with online sales chat. Although you don't see a chat icon on many websites, the business owners and companies who really understand the importance of real-time engagement can't imagine their businesses without online sales chat. Why is it so?

The online sales chat software allows you to approach your visitors directly

It's like a normal retail shop or office once you have installed our online sales chat application on your website. You can strike up conversations at strategic moments. Although casual chitter chatter is discouraged, over a period of time you will develop a knack for having conversations that can lead your visitors to your catalogue and eventually encourage them to buy your product or service.

For example, in case you are a car seller based in UK; people may visit your website and enquire about the upcoming MotorExpo that is scheduled to take place this June. They may visit your website and ask about accommodations, itineraries, various shows happening during the expo and even ask general information about London in case they are coming from abroad. Now, they may not buy a vehicle from you but they will definitely have a good experience on your website and this may lead them to recommend someone else to your website who may become your customer. This is how the economy works

Online sales chat with deep insight into visitor behaviour

One of the greatest strengths of our online sales chat application is the ability to give you maximum information about your visitor or customer. The inbuilt analytics tool gives you, in a tabular format, all the necessary details about the visitor with whom you are about to have a conversation. You will know his or her geographic location. There is a possibility you will also know the language he or she converses in. You will know the previous website the person has visited. If the person has been led to your website by a search engine the online chat software for websites web analytics tool will tell you which keyword was used that enabled the person to come to your website. You will be able to see what all pages the person has so far seen on your website and which is the current page. If the person has already logged in you will also know which company or business he or she represents and how much business he or she has already done with you. In case he or she has already had chat conversations with you or one of your representatives, all the transcripts will immediately become available to you.

You can increase your sales right now by installing our online chat software

Deriving benefit out of our online chat software for websites isn't something that happens "over a period of time". Provided you get decent traffic on your website you can increase your sales as soon as you have installed customer service chat. This is because there is a great possibility that you are losing sales because there is no engagement on your website through live chat windows. People simply come and go and there is nobody to greet them and help them out. This is a big change you can carry out on your website.

Want to experience the power of our customer service chat in real-time? Register on and download the software. The step-by-step instructions are available in the email. Within 5 minutes you will be using our live chat windows to turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Online Sales Chat

Online Sales Chat