Our website live chat software is the fastest way to reach out to your visitors

Want to reach out to your visitors and engage them? Then our website live chat software is the best way forward. It facilitates two-way communication whether your visitors reach out to you or you want to reach out to your visitors at strategic points. It's a complete interactive solution that allows you to talk to your visitors in real-time. Even when you are unable to talk in real-time, our live chat for website generates leads for you non-stop. How is it possible?

Website Chat Software

There are multiple ways you can engage your visitors with our website live chat software

There are 3 ways you can establish contact with your visitors with the website live chat software from Click4Assistance:

  • Your visitors can decide to contact you by clicking the chat icon that you have published on your website.
  • You can approach your visitors by politely offering to help them.
  • In case you're off-line your visitors can use the inbuilt contact form to leave a message for you so that you can get back to them at your own convenience.

So once you have the live chat software live on your website there is no way a communication gap is going to happen.

There are multiple ways you can talk to your visitors using our website live chat software

Some people prefer text chat and some people prefer video chat and we provide both in our website live chat software. In order to have video chat both the parties need to have a web cam working and connected to the device (most of the devices these days come with the camera). Text chat, of course can be carried out very easily.

Why do we have different ways of having chat with your visitors? Most prefer text chat because when you use text chat you can organise your thoughts, write them down and then click the "Submit" button once you are satisfied with what you have written. This ease of communication works both ways. Even from your side, if you take some time to collect your thoughts it is better for you to have a text chat rather than the direct video chat.

Video chat using website live chat software is preferred by people who would like to talk face-to-face. They are more used to seeing things directly. It gives them a real-world feeling.

Give help to those who needed right now with our website live chat software

This is the age of the immediate. People don't want to be put on hold when they call you for support (this is why most people don't use telephone these days when they need support). They don't want to send out an email and then wait for the reply. It takes too long and besides, the reality of today's world is there are too many choices available (if you are not specific with your choice). The best way of giving help "right now" is to add live chat to your website. It instils a sense of immediacy. Since you are already there, they don't have to wait to hear from you. When they see a chat icon representing live chat for website they know that as soon as they click, enter the relevant details and then ask the question, they are going to hear from you within a minute.

Handle multiple queries with our live chat for website software at the same time

This is something you cannot do with the telephone or even with email. With live chat on website you can handle multiple queries at the same time. For example, you can have 3 windows or 3 tabs to help chat conversations with 3 visitors at the same time. This becomes possible because no matter how fast we type, text chat takes some time. One has to write down the response before submitting and while that response is being written, another person's response can be processed. Contrary to that, when you handle your support queries using telephone, you can talk to just one person at a time. You can respond to just one email at a time.

Can you download website live chat software from Click4Assistance.co.uk for free?

Yes, we have got a trial version for you so that you can go for a test drive and satisfy yourself and actually experience the massive difference it can make to your bottom-line. You can actually double your sales using our trial version of our live chat software (assuming you have some targeted traffic coming to your website). So don't hesitate. Register on our website and get the setup files for yourself.

Website Chat Software

Website Chat Software