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Live Chat For Website; Unified Communication on the Rise
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10 March 2016

Gemma Baker


Live Chat For Website; Unified Communication on the Rise

With the rise of unified communication and collaboration technology, we explain why live chat for website is a necessity for businesses to serve their customers online.

Instant Messaging is a very simple and efficient way of communicating without the hassle of waiting for an email to come through, or the pressure of talking on the phone. We all use instant messaging in some way, whether on Skype, Yahoo! or SMS. Skype is very popular; with 560 million users. Following closely behind, Tencent QQ has 522 million. 10,000 US laws and regulations related to electronic messaging and record retention. In 2009, there were 1 billion active online users, eventually reaching 1.7 billion by 2013.

Live chat systems are an example of an instant messaging service. Real time communication will guarantee a much faster response, from the operators as well as the customers. The organisation’s productivity and efficiency of live chat for website, only makes your customers’ experience better. The operators can quickly respond to your customers’ questions and navigate them to the right page on the website. Easy. Other useful tools include conversion tracking and analytics which enables you to watch visitors in real-time as they browse the website as well as engage with them by pro-actively offering your assistance and help!

Do your customers need help or instructions? Are they having difficulty navigating the website? Not to worry! That’s where you come in. Reduce any lost orders and engage when special offers are viewed, along with also being able to help if the order process fails. Your operators can now target customers looking at specific pages, offering advice about complex products or services. The market for unified communications and collaboration is growing at an impressive pace. Unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) has the potential to boost business’ in productivity and increase efficiency. Benefits include enabling new ways of working in a more mobile world.

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Providing good customer service always ends up not only leaving your customers happy, but also your operators! It’s nice to know when you’ve done a good job and that your customers will always return to the website. Live chat integration on the website allows your company to establish a successful connection with your clients before, during or even after their purchase. A survey suggested that actually, 63% of respondents continued to return to the websites after engaging in live chat for website.

Nobody likes waiting in a long queue on the phone or a few days for an email, that’s the beauty of chat solutions. Everything is so quick and instant! Stress is removed, knowing that they’re talking in real time with a real person. Another benefit of live chat is the clarity and accuracy. Text based conversations prevent any miscommunication errors that may occur over a telephone, where surrounding noises may be heard which leads to distraction or mishearing and accents may be difficult to pick up. These significant impediments won’t occur with live chat because everything is done onscreen. When you add chat to website it ensures that benefits can be delivered whatever industry you’re in.

During a chat, the operator can navigate the visitor’s web browser to the checkout page to assist with completion of the transaction, but it isn’t always about sales! Live chat significantly improves response times and offers customers a direct line of communication. Anything text based, means that information is clear – and can also be saved securely. Live chat tools are also compatible with any platform. For anyone using the E-commerce solution, Nopcommerce, there is a live chat system just for you! With all the same great features, it can be added simply through the widgets section on the Nopcommerce site.

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Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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