Chat solutions for all business communication needs

Click4Assistance has got for you chat solutions for all your business communication needs whether you want to engage your visitors on your website or you want to coordinate with your own employees from various parts of the globe (or from within the UK). Whether you have already tested out various chat solutions for your website or not, we're pretty sure that once you start using live chat from Click4Assistance you will be hooked forever not just because we say so, but because the plethora of features they have that can solve practically every communication need your business has.

Chat Solutions

Live chat solutions just the way your business needs

You don't need to change the way you communicate with your prospective customers and clients, your existing customers and clients, or even your employees according to the live chat solutions you get from us. It's the other way around. Our chat solutions can be totally tailored and customised according to the way you communicate.

Our chat solutions for websites can be easily scaled according to the size of your business. This means, if you have just a single-person business you don't need to pay through your nose and still avail one of the best real-time communication tools contemporary websites can avail and within a few minutes bring your business at par with large enterprises. Similarly, if you have a large enterprise our chat solutions for websites can be easily expanded to cover all your departments.

Safe and portable chat solutions

One of the primary benefits of using business chat solutions from Click4Assistance is that you can use them across devices. Once you start using one of our business chat solutions, you are not tied down to your computer or laptop. You can operate our chat solutions from all devices using major operating systems like Android, and Windows operating system, provided you can log onto the Internet. The chat solutions interface seamlessly adjusts according to your screen size and you don't need to make compromises for using a small-screen device. All major functions like tracking your visitors, initiating chat conversations and responding to support requests from your website can be taken care of while you are on the move.

We use 256-bit encryption technology to facilitate communications through our live chat solution so that all your confidential interactions are completely secured.

Business chat solutions that give you every bit of information you need to sound efficient

Our live chat solution professional and enterprise packages – whether you have a small business or a large enterprise – come with advanced web analytics. For example, our analytics tool will tell you from which geographic location the visitor has come from to your website. This way, in case your visitor is facing some problem trying to place an order, you don't even need to ask where the person is situated. You can simply scour for the nearest delivery areas or the nearest store from where the item can be dispatched to the visitor's locality. Even while you are having the chat conversation with the person, you can save time by quickly going through the map and having the information at hand by the time the topic comes up.

How easy is it to install our live chat solution on your business website?

Extremely easy. Installing one of our web chat solutions on your website is as easy as it can be. Just log onto our website, register yourself if you haven't already done so, You will receive 2 welcome emails After you have uploaded the web chat solutions script onto your site just download our software and you will be ready to chat with your visitors.

Chat Solutions

Chat Solutions