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Improve Customer Service in an Instant with our Website Chat Software
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31 March 2015

Gemma Baker


Improve Customer Service in an Instant with our Website Chat Software

The best way to improve your customer service is to enable your customer to get in touch with you seamlessly with our website chat software. Although there is phone, and also email, online chat software gives your customers a sense of immediacy as well as full control over what they want to tell you.

Conversion rate on websites having active online chat software is 15% higher compared to those that don’t.


Why many customers prefer website chat software over conventional modes of communication


Website chat software allows your customers to freely interact with you at their own pace. It is also reassuring to them that they can go through the timeline without having to remember what they have talked about so far. Another great thing about online chat software is that your customers can immediately know whether your service agent is available at that particular time or not, which is not possible with a phone call (unless a call is made).


Many customers prefer to save the transcripts of their chat interactions so that later on they can refer to them in case there is further need to communicate. Also, in case they need to copy/paste something from their computer or the Internet they can easily do so during a chat session.

Information such as useful phone numbers, email ids and URLs can be easily saved.


Since a chat session normally goes on in another window your customer can carry on doing whatever he or she was doing prior to initiating the chat session while your service agent seeks answers for him or her.


Unlike a phone call when your customer contacts you he or she doesn’t have to find a pen and a paper to take notes. All the needed information is available in the transcript and the best part is, in the end the chat transcript can be emailed to your customer for further reference.


An eDigital survey has shown 73% of the customers who participated in the survey were highly satisfied with the website chat software and the level of support provided by the support person.


How our website chat software helps you improve customer service from your end


According to a survey carried out by Oracle on an average your chat agent can manage anywhere between 1-10 chats at a time. Although so many chats are not recommended for a single individual, what it means is one person can easily handle multiple chat sessions without compromising on the quality of the support being provided. This is because interactions happen normally in a relaxed manner and while one customer is typing his or her response your support person can take care of other customers.


Just as chat scripts can be saved by your customers, they can also be saved by your support agent. In fact all the chats are automatically saved along with highly useful information like at what time the chat was initiated, to what time zone the visitor belonged, exactly on which page he or she initiated the chat, and how long he or she had been on your website.


If the customer is already registered on your website his or her other details are also instantly available to your support person making it much easier to provide a customised support solution. The previous chat interactions are immediately available to your support person.


Haven’t tried the Click4Assistance website chat software yet? Install the trial version for a real-time experience.


UK providers of live chat software and online communication tools to a range of industries, we offer a cutting edge, resilient and proven live chat solution backed-up with first class support and advice.


Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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