The live chat system exclusively built to serve your business

Long gone are the days when installing a live chat system on your website used to be a major headache. They were desktop applications that constantly needed to be synced with the web-based script and you had to juggle between various programs and applications in order to effectively add live chat to your website. That system was outdated and totally non-productive. On the other hand, the live chat system from Click4Assistance totally becomes a part and parcel of your business and it integrates so well that your visitors don't even realise that you're using a third-party software in order to engage 24 x 7.

Live Chat System

The live chat system that easily scales and integrates with your current setup

You can use our live chat system either straight out-of-the-box or you can totally integrate it with your current CRM systems. It easily scales according to the size of your business and the various functions your business departments perform. You can have your own branding so that your customers and clients never even get to know that you are using a third-party live chat system. You can use your own colour schemes and logo. You can use your own online and off-line chat icons and you can totally customise the way the live chat software for business functions and behaves when installed on your website.

There is a contact form module that comes with our live chat software for business that enables you to create highly interactive and powerful contact forms that people can submit in case you are not online. This way your website generates leads even when you are not there to attend your visitors.

Do you have a CRM? You can easily attach our live chat customer service with your existing CRM to provide you better customer-behavioural insight while you are interacting with your current customers. The moment you start chatting with them all the relevant information along with their purchase-history pops up in front of you.

Provide amazing after-sales service with our live chat system

A persistent problem with customers and clients all over the world is that they feel abandoned once they have purchased a product or a service from a website. The problem is not with your business (in most of the cases). The problem is with the staggering number of queries that you get from your website. Whether it's from first-time customers or repeat customers, the number of queries that a typical support person has to attend to can be simply mind blowing. The problem with telephone and email support is that you can sort them out in a linear manner. At one time you can handle just one phone call. With email also at one time you can answer just one email. But this is not the case with our live chat customer service that enables you to handle multiple customer calls at one time.

In multiple chat windows you can interact with multiple customers and clients at the same time. You can literally claim that the sky is the limit when it comes to the number of people you can interact with simultaneously using you add live chat to your website.

Add live chat to your website right now at no charge

There is no financial commitment in case you want to try out our live chat software UK this very moment. In fact there is no major change in your website so in case things don't go the way you want them to go, you don't lose much. You can download our trial version free of cost immediately from our website –

Simply download the software and you will receive a snippet of html script that you need to copy/paste into your existing website source code. That's it. The live chat software UK icon becomes visible on your website and you can start interacting with your visitors and changing them into customers and clients.

Live Chat System

Live Chat System