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Confidently Apply for Awards with Live Chat on Website
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03 April 2018

Gemma Baker


Confidently Apply for Awards with Live Chat on Website

The British Insurance Awards are the largest awards of their type and have been running for 23 years, honouring “top class performance and innovation across the UK insurance sector”. 

The 2018 entries are now closed with the shortlist being announced this month. Those companies that have been shortlisted will have a chance to present their applications in person to the judges, answering the panel’s questions and providing evidence for their key points. The Award evening will be taking place on Wednesday 4th July at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

There are 25 categories in total including Insurance Broker of the Year, Digital Insurance Innovation of the Year and The Insurance Start-Up Award. Each category has a set of questions that need to be answered fully as part of the application.

The Customer Care Award is open to any insurer, broker or MGA. The questions included when applying for this category is name of the company being entered for the award, a 100 worded declaration on why they deserve to win, and 250 words each on the issue(s) they have addressed, the response, the results/impact of the response and any testimonials to back up their application. Having a live chat implementation strategy can help organisations gain an edge when applying for The Customer Care Award.

The Issues Organisations Face

Experiencing high volumes of enquiries places pressure on insurers and brokers contact centres to keep up with the demands. Failure to meet these can cause low customer satisfaction rates, especially if consumers are finding it difficult to contact the company which can lead to them cancelling their policies.

Insurers can also experience high abandonment rates on their website from new prospects starting the quote process to research what they need to do and the details they need to enter.

These organisations need to find an innovative solution to increasing consumer engagement, improving customer satisfaction rates and reducing abandonments.

The Response Insurers Can Implement

Live chat on website is an instant communication channel that connects visitors to a representative in real time. Operators can handle multiple chats simultaneously, increasing the contact centre’s productivity.

Chats can be directed through to the correct department or member of staff, depending on their level of expertise, via routing groups assigned to the chat button or the visitor selecting the team they need to speak with. This can help increase first contact resolution rates.

live chat on website routes to relevant department

The Results of the Response

Consumers prefer the instant nature of live chat software, as they can easily contact an organisation and have their questions answered quickly, increasing engagement and improving satisfaction levels.

Your organisation can ask visitors into chat with proactive invitations, bringing awareness to the communication channel. Invites can be optimised to appear during the quote process, encouraging a visitor to speak with a representative and continue with the insurer rather than abandon and try elsewhere.

For The Customer Care Award, judges will be looking for entries that have clearly demonstrated an excellent level of customer care backed by clear standards and validated monitoring of performance. They will also be looking for proof of the impact of an innovative customer care strategy on retention levels and client satisfaction.

The Click4Assistance solution has an advanced reporting suite with over 50 reports, allowing organisations to easily measure and benchmark results such as the channel’s performance, operators’ KPI’s and customer feedback.

Whether you are looking to make the most out of an application for an award or to improve your customer service, live chat on website software can give your company the edge it needs to get ahead.

Click4Assistance has been providing chat to the finance industry for over 10 years; our customers include One Call Direct, Go Skippy and Polaris. For more information on how the Click4Assistance solution can benefit your organisation contact our team by calling 01268 524628 or email


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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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