An online chat system that works just the way you want

Are you looking for an online chat system that works just the way you want? The online chat system from Click4Assistance can be easily scaled and customised according to your unique business needs. Of course we also have an out-of-the-box solution but if you want something that exclusively works for your business, you can easily get it customised and overhauled completely.

Once our online chat system is properly installed on your website, you can engage all your online traffic with unlimited chatting. What does that mean?

There is no limit to the number of people who can chat with you, the way it happens on telephone and email. Our online chat system is totally different and limitless in that regard. The problem with telephone and email is that the communication is linear – you can only attend to one call at a time and you can only reply to one email at a time. But this is not the case with our online chat service. You can have multiple chats at the same time. In fact, if you are a super human being you can have an unlimited number of chats at the same time. This way you don't need to put people on hold and you don't need to make them wait for your email for hours. The responses immediate.

Online Chat System

Why our online chat system works for every business

Since every business needs to communicate, every business needs to engage, therefore every business needs our online chat service. It's easy to install and you can have it running on your website within 5-10 minutes. And the benefits are so monumental that it will change the way you do business and the way you make sales on your website, forever. You can use our online chat system out-of-the-box or you can get it customised according to your specific business requirement. The basic version is good for small business and with the advanced, enterprise version you can create multiple departments holding multiple chats at the same time. You can completely customise our Professional and Enterprise versions and turn them into totally your own online chat systems that have the look and feel of your website rather than a third-party tool.

If you are a small business, our online chat software brings to you features only available to large enterprises, and if you are a large enterprise, then of course, you get to use one of the best online chat software available online. The best part is, whether you have one employee or 100,000 employees, you can get our website chat tool running within a few minutes and start interacting with not just your customers and clients but also your own employees.

Proactively engage your prospective customers with our online chat system

A great thing about our website chat tool is that you can take your own initiative and engage your prospective customers rather than waiting for them to contact you. You can set automatic alerts that invite your visitors to have a chat with you. You can also decide when your visitors get an invite. You can also set alerts so that your visitors are invited to have a chat with you when they are browsing through specific pages.

The web analytics tool of our live chat system gives you all the background information such as the geographic location of your visitor, the website he or she was visiting before coming to your website, the keyword he or she used in order to find you on a particular search engine in case the person came from a search engine, the language the person speaks, the pages he or she has so far visited on your website, the time he or she has spent on individual pages on your website, and the current page he or she seems to be visiting at the time of having conversation with you.

Get our live chat system running on your website in a few minutes

Getting the live chat system running on your website shouldn't be very overwhelming. All you need is to know how to download the software and how to add html script to your website As long as you can do that, you can have our online chat system setup on your website within a few minutes. Best, the trial version is free of cost. Try our online chat system now.

Online Chat System