Increasing customer loyalty with business live chat

With Click4Assistance business live chat you can immediately provide help to your customers, increasing customer loyalty in the process. Customers all over the world have this problem with businesses and companies – the after-sale-support is not there when it is needed. Even when it is available, it is so lousy that instead of helping, it ends up annoying people. This is why we have made sure that our business live chat application makes providing assistance to your customers as seamless as possible with not just giving you the right interface, but also equipping you with the knowledge needed to understand your customers better, and with greater speed.

business live chat

How our business live chat application helps you improve your customer support service

The one aspect of our business chat software is its interface and ability to handle multiple queries at the same time. It comes with an elegant user interface that easily scales according to your screen size. So whether you are using our business live chat on your computer/laptop or one of your handheld devices such as tablet or smart phone, all the needed elements of the interface immediately become available to you, just a click or a tap away. Our business chat service user interface is designed in such a manner that it instinctively increases your efficiency and speed.

The other aspect is the in-depth knowledge that it provides you before you even start chatting with your customers. It is connected to the customer database and easily integrates with the CRM. So if you are chatting with an existing customer you already know what product he or she has purchased from you, when it was purchased and what was the configuration or nature of the product. All the concerned information immediately pops up in front of you the moment the customer is logged in and you start chatting with him or her.

If you have already had previous chat conversations using the business chat service all the transcripts are instantly available to you so that you can quickly go through them and see if the problem is recurring or something new.

The web analytics feature packed with our business live chat app gives you in-depth knowledge

Before you initiate a business live chat conversation with one of your visitors who might also be your customer, you already know what all pages the person has visited. You know how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. You know currently on which page the person is. By using previous experience you can also know where he or she might be feeling stuck and exactly where he or she cannot make sense of the flow of your website design. This way you can make an educated guess and quickly understand the problem the person might be going through.

Even if the person is not your existing customer, the business chat software Web analytics tool tells you a lot about the visitor. It will tell you from which website the person has come to your website. It also tells you the keywords the person used if he or she found your website on a search engine, giving you a fair idea of what he or she is looking for. You know from which geographic location the person has logged on to your website and possibly what language the person speaks.

Our business chat solutions is the easiest way to increase customer loyalty

For most of the businesses 40% revenue comes from existing customers so one shouldn't take existing customers lightly and the biggest tool in your company today is your business chat solutions. It is like actually being there. A great thing about our business chat solutions is that you can set up automatic notifications telling you exactly when you should initiate a chat conversation with one of your visitors. This is because it is humanly not possible to keep track of every visitor on your website especially when you might be getting hundreds of visitors per hour. The automatic notification tells you if the person is in the section where a chat conversation will help you make a sale.

Installing business live chat software on your website might be just slightly difficult than opening a new email account

All you need to do is register at Once you have received your confirmation emails and download the software to your desktop following the onscreen instructions. You will be given a small code snippet that you will need to insert in the source code of your website template. That's it. The chat icon will become visible on your website. It will show to your visitors whether you are available to chat or not. In case you are unable to chat there will be a contact form people will be able to use to leave their messes so that you can respond later on. Don't let your visitors go without contacting you. Install our business live chat software on your website today.

Business Live Chat

business live chat