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You can definitely begin to grow your business faster using live chat software because doing business online is all about productively engaging your visitors and removing all the hurdles so that they can buy from you. Engaging your visitors means having a dialogue with them, being there when they need you, giving them the right information at the right time and always remaining within reach. The last point is very important. Your visitors – prospective customers and clients – should always know that you are just a click away, and this is something that business chat software from Click4Assistance easily provides you.

Business Live Chat Software

Company growth and business chat software these days are related to each other

There was a time when you couldn't do business without a phone. Then came fax machines and after that email. Some businesses cannot be run using instant messaging and video conferencing. Chat software for business, although lies in the same realm, it is different from the way telephone and email serve your business. Business live chat software is, as the name goes, as real-time as possible. You can actually talk to your prospective customers and clients while they are wondering whether they should buy from you are not. It is like greeting customers and clients when they enter your shop, office or retail store. Just like the real store, you can walk your visitors through various sections, explain various features and offer them the best option. All your visitor has to do is, just sit back and let you run him or her through various sections, through your catalogue, through your descriptions and finally, even through your shopping cart section (if your visitor allows you to do that).

Once you start using it, you will wonder how you have been doing business without live chat customer service software

Our business chat solution instantly enlivens your organisation. First of all, the perception of your visitors towards your website goes through an instant change the moment they see a chat icon on your website. A chat icon is a sign of being proactive. It shows that you are interested in engaging your visitors and encouraging them to do business with you. When you have business chat software installed on your website it shows to people that you are not one of those "make quick riches" sort of individuals who have somehow uploaded a website and then gotten on with your other affairs. It shows that you are dedicated, that you are always there, and you have a support team to provide all the answers to your visitors' queries.

You can also set automatic notification triggers so that you always approach your visitors at the right time, exactly when they need your help. As you regularly start using our business live chat software you will observe that there are certain sections on your website where your visitors feel stuck. They will spend more time in that particular section either because they are interested or they are confused. If they are interested, they will proceed to the next section but if they are confused, there is a great chance that they will leave your website. This is a time when you can politely offer help and most of your visitors will welcome your gesture and in fact, even if they are about to leave your website, they will linger on and chat with you and share with you their apprehensions.

Business intelligence redefined with our live chat customer service software

Engagement can be more fruitful if you have some background information about the people you are talking to. If you know what they need, you can provide it to them. Our business live chat software comes with exceptional-quality web analytics features that give you all the information you will ever need a completely know about your visitor. For example, as soon as your visitor enters your website you will know from which geographic location he or she has logged onto your website. You will know by which website or search engine he or she has been referred to your website. If the visitor has come from a search engine the web analytics tool that comes with our business chat solution will tell you what keyword or search term was used that led the person to your website. This will give you a fair idea of what he or she is looking for.

On your website you will get a list of all the webpages he or she has visited so far and also the name of the current web page from where the chat session has been initiated. Even before starting the chat session the person will be prompted to enter details like name, language and email ID.

Would you like to improve the way your support staff takes care of various enquiries? Our business live chat software comes with an inbuilt after-chat survey that allows your visitors and customers to give feedback regarding what sort of experience they have had with your support staff. Then according to the feedback, you can train and retrain your staff to improve your services.

Install business live chat software right now

Considering the number of features that come with our chat software for business, you must be wondering it is a very complicated process to get it going for your website, right? No, this is not the case. Although it is not as easy as opening a new email account, it is simple enough for a non-techie person to install and get running. All you have to do is register yourself (if you haven't already done so) at, run the setup link – the documentation will tell you what link to use. That's it. Every step is self-explanatory. So don't waste another hour. Your visitors are leaving your website without doing business with you as you wonder whether you should install our business live chat software on your website or not. Minimise your loss. Install our live chat customer service on your business website now.

Business Live Chat Software

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