Have you checked out multiple live chat companies?

If you carry out a search on Google (or any other search engine of your choice) you may come across scores of live chat companies vying for your attention. How do you make the right choice? If there are so many live chat providers how do you select the one that is most suitable to your particular business needs? Remember that live chat service providers may make their own claims but eventually you are the one who has to decide what's the best chat support application suitable to both your business as well as your visitors (in fact, also to your own employees).

Live Chat Companies

Have other live chat providers got what you need?

Exactly what do you need in a live chat application and do these online chat providers deliver the needed goods? What makes Click4Assistance stand apart from these live chat companies?

We are completely UK-based, if that matters to you. There are very few live chat providers that provide region-specific services. Although in the age of the Internet it hardly matters where you are and where your customers are based, the real problem begins at the after-sales-support level. You can easily purchase a product like live chat from anywhere you feel like, but what happens when you don't get the right support?

Most live chat service providers, in order to cut costs (again, nothing wrong in that) employ support staff in countries where cost of living is not as high as it is in countries like UK and USA. It makes financial sense but it causes lots of problem to the customers of these online chat providers. The support staff doesn't speak the language and even if they do, the accent could be so different that it's very hard to understand them. They don't have any cultural understanding of your problem. They don't live in your time zone. They are ill at ease with your lingual and social nuances. Big and small annoyances deter you from contacting support all the time as you may have already gone through enough experience with these companies.

This is why contrary to what the other live chat companies do, Click4Assistance has placed its entire staff in UK itself. Our development team, our marketing team and our support staff, they are all based in your time zone, within your geographic location. They speak your language, and they use your accent. They share your cultural traditions. Basically, they understand you. This is something other web-based live chat providers don't give much attention to.

We don't follow other live chat companies, we set our own rules

At Click4Assistance, although we are constantly studying contemporary trends, when it comes to setting rules, we don't believe in following other live chat companies. Yes, we know what it takes to create a world-class live chat product that gives you a complete solution and in fact, it's other live chat companies that closely observe our developments and implement some of our features.

Take for instance the web analytics feature that seems to come with every live chat product these days. But at Click4Assistance, we don't consider it as a feature, unlike other live chat providers; we consider it the basic building block of a productive conversation. Unless you know the person, unless you know what he or she is looking for, how can you engage your visitor? This is why our live chat application gives you precise information about which section of your website the person has already gone through, which was the referring website or search engine that brought the person to your website, which keyword or search term the person used prior to coming to your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages of your website. If he or she is a repeat visitor and if he or she is logged in, you can also immediately access previous chat transcripts. These are valuable insights.

Can the UK’s leading live chat provider, suit all businesses?

Yes, we can. In fact many big and small UK-based companies are right now using our live chat application. It is completely scalable – whether you have a one-man business or an organisations employing thousands of people, you can easily reduce or increase the scale of our live chat application. All the companies that have used our live chat application have made massive gains by actively engaging their visitors. What are you waiting for? Start our live chat application trial now.

Live Chat Companies

Live Chat Companies