This live chat for business can help you grow amazingly fast

A big part of doing business online is constantly interacting with your visitors and for that our live chat solution can be the best tool. Of course you can also communicate using email and telephone and you must have been running your business perfectly fine until now but you really have to experience live chat to know what potential your business actually holds and how much you can grow it by always being there for your visitors.

Live Chat For Business

Customer satisfaction at your fingertips with our live chat for business solution

Happy customers mean more business. With live chat for business installed on your website you are always available to them. No matter how familiar you must have become with online shopping, people all over the world are still hesitant about purchasing their favorite things online because there is no human interaction. Why does it matter?

Suppose you sell wallpaper. If a visitor is looking for a particular pattern and even though you have that pattern listed in your catalogue, he doesn't seem to be able to find it. Maybe he does not know the name of the pattern or maybe he cannot recognise a pattern on his computer, whatever the reason he may leave your website, a bit disappointed, taking his business somewhere else.

But what if you have live chat for business installed for your visitors on your website? Even if he is unable to find the pattern he will click the on your live chat system and confirm it will you – maybe he thinks that the pattern is not listed on your website but you still may have it. You have a conversation with him, you ask some questions to make sure what sort of pattern he is looking for and then give them the right URL or can even direct his browser using our hosted live chat to the URL with that wallpaper on. That's it. The problem is solved. He is able to order the wallpaper pattern that he wants from your website. You get more business and you have a happy client thanks to the corporate chat software that you have installed on your website.

Hosted live chat system for every business need

No matter what is the scale of your business, you can easily use our chat software for business on your website. It is completely scalable and customisable. Whether you're running a one-person show from your mum's basement or a complete enterprise spanning multiple countries, our hosted live chat can help you.

Take for example our enterprise corporate chat software version. You can create multiple departments if you're running a bigger organisation. You can customise our live chat system according to individual business branding need. Multiple employees can use multiple devices to serve your visitors and customers in real-time from their respective locations (as long as they have an Internet connection).

The most advanced web analytics data is at your fingertips. As soon as someone logs on to your website you know his geographic location and the language he speaks. You know which search engine he was browsing before coming to your website. You get a list of pages he has browsed so far on your website and how much time he has spent on individual pages. You also know the current page. In case you weren't able to chat with the person, you also know the page he visited last before leaving your website. These are deep insights that can help you totally understand the person before they even start a chat with you.

You can install live chat for business right now

Do you need advanced programming language in order to use live chat for business? Not at all. Do you need to be a web programmer? Not at all. Web designer? No. You don't need to learn anything special in order to use live chat for your business. All you need is access to the admin section of your website. The moot point is, it just takes 5 minutes to install our chat software for business and start engaging your visitors.

Live Chat For Business

Live Chat For Business