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We are a team of live chat providers totally dedicated to giving you the best chatting experience you can get. Actually, along with the experience, what matters the most is also the result that you derive out of using our web chat software and very few online chat providers understand this. Take for example our decision to base our entire team in the UK itself rather than following the trend and outsourcing our various services to professionals from all over the world simply because it is very easy to do that due to the Internet. Why don't we do it?

As live chat providers who are totally hell-bent upon giving you an exceptional service we want a team working for you that totally understands you, speaks your language and understands your cultural nuances. This can only become possible if our entire marketing, development and support team is based in the UK. This is but just a small glimpse of how as your preferred live chat providers we take care of your basic needs.

Live Chat Providers

Why we are your preferred live chat providers?

In order to understand why we are your preferred live chat providers you need to understand exactly what you want to derive out of your web chat software? Is it just a part of your bells and whistles you want to use to impress your audience (on the surface there is nothing wrong in that but this is not the best way to deal with your business) or you want to provide an enriching experience not just to your prospective and present customers and clients, but also to your employees. As your preferred live chat provider we want to bring to you an all-encompassing business tool rather than merely a communication tool.

The success of every communication depends on 4 things:

  • 1. Timeliness
  • 2. Relevance
  • 3. Quality
  • 4. Understanding and empathy

Is the communication that takes place through your live chat application timely? Does it enable your visitors and customers to reach out to you as soon as there is a need and are you available to them? We are among the very few providers who understand the need to handle multiple chat conversations at the same time and this is why our live chat application allows you to carry out 3 conversations at a time. This allows you to make yourself available to maximum number of people wanting to talk to you.

The sense of timeliness also works from your side: our automatic notifications feature allows you to strike up conversations just when the time is right.

Most of the live chat companies don't understand the importance of relevance and quality. Are you able to provide help when that help is actually relevant and how is the quality of the help that you provide? There are inbuilt tools in our live chat application that allow you to train and retrain your support staff to continuously improve the quality and relevance of the help you provide to your visitors and customers and clients.

Live chat providers who understand the true meaning of understanding and empathy

Understanding and empathy come out of knowing what people need. As your preferred live chat provider we know that it takes advanced web analytics tools to equip you with the required knowledge that enable you to have highly aware conversations with your visitors and customers and clients. For example, our web analytics tool will tell you which all pages your visitor has visited so far on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. This will give you a fair idea of what information he or she is looking for. Best, if the person has been referred to your website by a search engine, you will also know what keyword the person used that enabled him or her to find your website.

Compared to other live chat companies, do we give you an easy-to-install solution?

Sure we do. Unlike other live chat companies we don't intend to make this into a highly complicated affair. You simply have to register yourself on our website, add the script to your site which is a simple copy and paste exercise, install our lightweight software and within a few minutes you should have a chat icon on your website.

Unlike other online chat providers, we keep our pricing fair as possible for all our clients, we won’t force customers onto a new pricing structure that makes it more expensive for them to continue with the company.

Live Chat Providers

Live Chat Providers