Our live chat tool makes it convenient to do business with you

More than 60% people abandon your shopping cart simply because they find it inconvenient to buy from you – whatever is the reason. In most of the cases it is either communication gap or they cannot figure out how to make credit card payments. What if you could reverse this trend? What if you could enable a major chunk of these 60% people purchase your product or service? You will experience an immediate jump in your sales. Wouldn't that be fantastic? And it isn't even very difficult. All you have to do is install our live chat tool

Live Chat Tool

Live chat tool from Click4Assistance allows you to instantly help your visitors

Speed matters a lot on the Internet, especially when people seek your help in order to make a crucial decision (for instance, buying from your website). Even a lag of a few seconds can send them away. As an online entrepreneur you perfectly understand how difficult it is to get the right people to your website. All the money and effort you spend in bringing people to your website goes down the drain if they go away simply because you cannot give them timely information.

What makes our live chat tool provide instant help to your visitors?

  • You can set up automatic triggers that alert you when you need to talk to one of your visitors
  • Your online status encourages people to reach out to you
  • You can help people make credit card payments, totally bypassing the checkout interface
  • You can exchange documents securely using 256-bit encryption that comes with our hosted live chat
  • You can hold video chats if your visitor wants to have a face-to-face talk
  • Chat can be initiated from both the ends
  • People can leave messages in case you're off-line
  • The inbuilt web analytics feature of our live chat app gives you enough information to hold a meaningful conversation with your visitor

Encourage people to do business with you by installing our hosted live chat

More than 82% online shoppers say that they prefer websites that have a live chat tool installed over those that don't. It immediately establishes an air of trust. When you show to your visitors that you are always there to answer their queries, it shows your confidence. It shows that you are eager to do serious business and in order to achieve that, you are always there for your visitors. It also shows your full-time commitment. Your website doesn't seem like one of those off-the-cuff websites that have been built one of those Sundays and uploaded hoping that someone would turn up and accidentally end up doing business with the website owner. When you have a live and kicking website chat tool on your website your business goes the extra mile to reach out to your prospective customers and clients. Even if people don't buy from you right away, you can encourage them to have conversations with you and leave their contact details so that you can keep in touch with them.

Heighten the level of interactivity with our live chat system

With social networking going mainstream a higher level of interactivity is no longer in novelty. Disregarding the pros and cons of being addicted to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, the level of social interaction on the Internet has increased manifold and when people come to your website they have the same mental inclination to have an interactive experience. Consciously or unconsciously, they want response to their queries and questions immediately and in a conversational manner.

Nothing is like casual chat when it comes to your website. Take for instance the upcoming MotorExpo this June in London. If you run a website promoting automobiles, it isn't necessary that people will initiate chat conversations with you because they will be interested in buying cars from you. They might just be willing to talk about the event and you being in the business of selling motor vehicles, they expect you to know something about the event. They even might want to know whether you are going to have a stall at the event or not. If you provide them good answers, the next time when they want to buy a vehicle, they are most likely to buy it from you.

Can you install the live chat tool on your website right now?

You can. Just register on our website, download the software and paste the html script into your website so that the chat icon becomes visible to your visitors. That's it, you can immediately start improving your conversion rate with our live chat system

Live chat tool

Live chat tool