Live web chat software that can triple your business in a day

60% people abandon your shopping cart while trying to purchase from you. 82% people will make their purchasing decision in your favour if you have live web chat software installed on your website. What do these numbers tell you? If you can squeeze out customers and clients from these numbers, you can triple your business in a single day. Is it a wild claim? Not necessarily.

Live Web Chat Software

Live web chat software that makes talking to your visitors a breeze

The biggest problem on websites is that the human touch is lacking. This gap be easily filled with our live web chat software. When your prospective customers and clients come to your website they are mostly on their own. And the worst part is, in most of the cases they are in a highly distracted state. They might be travelling or standing in a queue while checking out your website. They might be chatting with their friends and colleagues sitting in a restaurant. They might be stealing a few minutes from their office time. They might be sitting in a kid's park keeping an eye on the kid as well as trying to purchase something from your website. Even if they are sitting somewhere alone, totally away from human distractions, the Internet is full of things that can take the attention away from your website. There is social networking. There are zillions of websites with highly captivating content. On the phone there are scores of instant messaging services throwing up one notification after another. Amidst all these, how do you keep your prospective customer or client focused so that the sale goes through uninterrupted? You engage him or her with live web chat software from Click4Assistance.

Our live web chat software gives you all the information you need in order to have an informed talk with your visitor

It always helps if you have some background information about the person you are about to talk to. The same happens with our live web chat software. It comes with full-fledged web analytics features that provide you information such as

  • The geographic location of the person
  • The referring website (the website the person has visited prior to coming to your website)
  • The keyword or search term the person used if he or she was led to your website from a search engine result page
  • The list of pages he or she has gone through on your website
  • The current page from where the person is chatting to you
  • The list of pages he or she has spent the most time
  • The gender of the person
  • The language the person speaks in
  • The business or company he or she represents (if applicable)
  • and much more

These bits of information equip you with all the knowledge you need in order to engage and help your prospective customer or client.

What sort of help you can provide to your visitors using our live chat software for websites?

The primary reason why people leave your website without doing business with you is because they cannot figure out how to pay you – this is more true for e-commerce websites. Despite e-commerce encompassing almost every facet of our lives, there are still many people who cannot figure out how to carry out credit card transactions and they may end up leaving your website just for that. If they were to enter their credit card details our web chat software masks the details so that the chat is completely secure. So your operators can continue to advise accordingly.

You can also optimally help your visitors using our web chat solutions for your consulting website. People may not hire you because they cannot find relevant information. You can direct them to those sections. Your visitor can simply sit back while you take control of his or her browser and help him or her visit the relevant sections of your website, just like the live presentation.

Does it take very long to install our live web chat software on your website?

Depending on your Internet speed and your comfort level it may take anywhere between 5-10 minutes to get the functional version of the best live chat software installed on your website. You can try out all the features in the trial version so that you get full experience. Just create an account on and run the setup link from the welcome email. The installation interface is extremely easy and self-explanatory. So what are you waiting for? You can triple the sales on your website with live chat software for websites. You have to try it to believe it.

Live Web Chat Software

Live Web Chat Software