An online chat system your business can totally depend on

We have developed our online chat system in such a manner that your business can totally depend on it. It is not just a simple chat system that you use to chat with your visitors and customers, although it is its primary feature, but it is definitely more than that. Real time chat software is a lead generation machine. It helps you improve your conversion rate. It helps you improve your SEO. It also helps you upsell and cross sell. It helps you build your brand. Live chat systems helps you increase customer loyalty. It renders a positive image to your business. Online sales chat keeps your customers and clients happy – the most important aspect of doing business in this world.

Online Chat System

Provide timely help to your customers with our online chat system

Everybody appreciates timely help, especially when people use your product or service seriously. In case they have a problem, the problem must be resolved as soon as possible and nothing can be sooner than just clicking on the online help chat and start conversing with your support person.

The problem with conventional ways of providing support to your customers is that they are linear as well as inefficient. How many customer queries can you handle at a time on telephone? How many emails can you reply to at a time? One at a time, right? With our online chat system you can interact with 3 persons at the same time. You can manage 3 separate windows to track conversations. This is like tripling your workforce without tripling your budget, isn't it?

Raise the bar of support with our live chat system

With our real-time chat software you can carry out continuous improvements in the way you provide after-sales support to your customers. After every interaction through the live chat system your customer is given an opportunity to leave feedback regarding what was the experience talking to one of your chat agents. This can be valuable information. It will tell you whether your customer was satisfied and whether his or her problem was resolved within the specified time frame or not. According to the feedback that you receive you can further train your chat agents.

Even if your customers don't leave feedback, you can always refer to the transcripts that are saved after every chat. Going through the transcripts you can find out the level of interaction that takes place with individual customers and carry out your employee-training schedules accordingly.

The analytics feature of our real time chat software gives you thorough information

Before you even start a chat conversation you have the background information about your visitor such as from which geographic location he or she has logged onto your website, which website or search engine he or she came from and which keywords he or she used if he or she came from a search engine results page. You will also get a tabular data on which pages the person has visited so far on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. This information can be valuable if you notice that people are spending lots of time in a particular section of your shopping cart and then leave your website without making a purchase. It has been observed that 60% people leave the shopping cart without making a purchase due to simple reasons and these reasons can be curbed with timely interactions with your visitors.

Improve your SEO and conversion rate with our online chat system

The information that you get from our online help chat can help you improve your SEO as well as conversion rate. For example, our online sales chat can reveal to you which keywords convert better. For example, if you get more business for the search term "peacock tattoo on back" but the term doesn't rank higher on search engines you can put more energies into improving its search engine rankings.

Similarly if there is a search term, for example, "tiger tattoos on shoulder" that fares well on search engines but doesn't convert well on your website you can carry out changes so that it begins to convert well on your website.

You can install our online chat system on your website right now

You can download our online chat system free of cost from our website after registering. Download the software onto your computer and then paste the HTML script onto your website. The documentation will get you through every step. You can improve your conversion rate by installing our online chat system from the word go. Don't lose any more sales. Install our online chat system now.

Online Chat System

Online Chat System