Talk to your customers in real-time with our website chat tool

Would you like to talk to your customers in real-time? Then you're going to love our website chat tool that comes with all the necessary functionalities to completely empower you with information and interface. At Click4Assistance we totally understand that when you're running a business, you don't want to be bogged down by technology but would definitely like to leverage its potential. This is why we have made the entire process of installing our website chat tool and using it seamless. After a while you won't even realise what a great technology you are using – you will simply derive its massive benefits.

Website chat tool

A website chat tool that enables you to engage your customers from anywhere

These are the times of everywhere-connectivity and our website chat tool hasn't remained untouched by this trend. Whether you're using a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet, you are always hooked onto the Internet. This is a great opportunity to remain connected with your business. While you are away from your office travelling in a train or your car, we don't want you to miss all those great opportunities that are constantly landing on your website in the form of visitors and customers.

The interface of our website chat tool easily scales according to the device you're using without compromising on user experience. All the necessary tools and insights are available at your fingertips or mouse-clicks. Just because you are using a mobile phone doesn't mean that our website chat tool should give you a lesser experience compared to the one that you have while using a computer or a laptop.

Let your business evolve with our website chat tool

Doing business is an interminable learning process. The same happens with your customer service support staff. You have to constantly analyse the feedback that you get from your customers. There are 2 features in our website live chat software that allow you to improve customer service to a great extent:

  • By going through the transcripts of the chat conversations that you or your chat agent has had with your customers
  • By encouraging your customers to leave feedback once they have had a chat conversation

Both these features allow you to learn. By going through previous chat transcripts you can gauge what sort of experience your customers had with your chat agents. You can know how many chat sessions took place before the problem was resolved. You can know what sort of language your chat agents use and what sort of reaction the language gets from your customers. You can also learn how your chat agents handle difficult customers by going through the existing live chat system transcripts.

Comparatively the feedback survey form that is presented to your customer after he or she has had a chat conversation is a better way of getting actual feedback. This is a small survey and it doesn't take lots of time. They just have to tell you what sort of experience they had while having conversation with your support staff through your live chat on website.

Use our live chat system and literally triple your support staff

How many queries can you handle at a time when you use telephone or email to provide support? Just one. You can answer one phone call at a time. You can reply to one email at a time. It means in a given period of time you cannot take all the phone calls without increasing your support staff. But the situation is completely altered once you start using our live chat for websites that can handle 3 conversations at a time. Yes, you can take care of 3 customer queries simultaneously with our website chat tool. This is because most of the conversations happen via text chat and it takes people some time to type in their responses and then submit them. Of course people can also have video chats but there are very few people who show interest in video chats – most prefer text chats.

So what are you waiting for? Install our website chat tool now!

Seriously, there is no reason for you to wait any longer. You can start using our website chat tool within 5 minutes and if you have decent traffic on your website, you can improve your conversion rate with immediate effect. So don't dilly-dally; head to our registration section, register yourself and get our live chat system right now. Don't let those visitors go away without doing business with you.

Website Chat Tool

website chat tool