Get a live chat service running on your website in no time

Getting live chat service running on your website is the easiest thing you can do while trying to grow your business online but it can leave a long lasting impact on the way you do business. Having a live chat service on your website isn't a novelty, it is a necessity. 82% people have a positive perception of websites that have a chat icon prominently displayed.

They want to chat with you. They want to reach out to you. They are really interested in your business provided you show to them that you too are interested in your own business. How can they trust you if there is no mechanism on your website to enable them to talk to you in real-time? Especially when every device these days comes equipped with an ability to hold chat conversations? Billions of pounds of business is happening over live customer service chat conversations.

Live Chat Service

See what they are doing and who they are with our live chat service

Communicating via a live chat service can have no meaning unless you totally know the person you are talking to. Our online chat service comes equipped with one of the most advanced web analytics service that paints a complete picture of what your visitor has been up to while going through your website. Not just that, the web analytics section of our customer service chat tool tells you from which search engine the person has come to your website from and the keywords they used if using PPC. This immediately tells you what he is looking for.

Even while on your website, you can find out which all pages he has visited and how much time he has spent on individual pages. This gives you a fair idea of what all he already knows and what he still has to check out so that you can hold your conversation accordingly. Our live chat service also tells you from which geographic location the person has logged onto your website, possibly what language he speaks and which company or business he represents. In case he leaves your website, you can also find out from which page he left your website.

Our live chat service allows you to set up automatic notifications

You don't need to observe every activity of your visitor when he is on your website. This way you could end up consuming lots of your human resources. Instead, you can set up automatic notifications. For example, there must be some crucial webpages on your website that may either lead the person to your shopping cart or send him away. You can call it a "make it or break it" situation. This is where you can send out prompts to invite them to chat.

Become a true salesperson with our customer service chat

How much you sell is in your hand once you have installed our live customer service chat on your website. No longer will you need to depend on the certainty or uncertainty of your website elements. See a person leaving your website without doing business with you? You can add them as a contact so if they visit again you can invite them to chat. You can also upsell and cross-sell to increase your sales.

A online chat service that you can get for your website right now

Live chat service provider Click4Assistance is completely UK based and our online chat service is one of the most advanced communication tools that you can avail for your website in the easiest of manners. It may sound like a contradiction, but this is totally true. All you have to do is, register on our website, install the software and copy a small piece of html script onto your website. You can activate the customer service chat with immediate effect and start engaging your visitors and answering to customer queries.

Live Chat Service

Live Chat Service