Keep your customers happy with our live chat tool

With our live chat tool your customers can contact you immediately without the timelag. The biggest problem with providing support using telephone and email is that people have to wait and most people dread doing that. The ordeals people have had with the support department of various websites is the stuff of legends. Sometimes people are put on hold for hours. Even when they try to get support from email they have to sometimes wait for 72 hours. In an age when everything is instant, so should be your customer support and our live chat tool is the best solution to achieve that.

Live Chat Tool

Give your customers complete security and confidentiality with our live chat tool

Our live chat tool uses 256-bit encryption to keep your communication safe. So whether you are discussing sensitive details with your customers or you want to exchange confidential documents you can do all this without worrying about your interactions falling into wrong hands.

Due to our advanced encryption technology our live chat tool is used by educational institutions as well as hospitals where confidentiality is one of the greatest concerns. But anyway, if credit card details can be exchanged using our website chat tool, then practically every confidential detail can be exchanged.

Our live chat tool allows your customers to interact with you just the way they want

Our website chat tool can be used across multiple devices. So in case your customers want to get in touch with you they don't necessarily need a computer or a laptop. They can do it using a tablet or a smart phone. Similarly you can manage all the critical functions of our live chat widget from your mobile device rather than being stuck with your computer or laptop. That's one aspect.

Another aspect is that your customers can use both text chat as well as video chat to interact with you. Many people want to know who the person on the other side is. They want this real-world feel, the three-dimensional appearance that is normally missing on websites. Of course there are pros and cons for both forms of chatting – text as well as video.

When using the live chat widget most of the customers prefer text chatting because it gives them ample amount of time to first think and then articulate. This is not possible when you're having video chat. With video chat you're thinking as well as talking. With text chat, you can carefully write down your message and then submit it. In order to have video chat both the parties must have a web cam installed.

A live chat facility that helps you improve your support service

With our live chat app you can automatically save all the chat conversations as chat transcripts. The transcripts are emailed to both the parties when the chat is deemed over. You can go through the previous chat transcripts saved by the live chat app and know how the interactions went and how fast the issues were resolved.

The user feedback tool allows people to leave feedback once they have had a chat conversation with you or one of your chat agents. This feedback will help you improve your support service tremendously.

Our live chat tool drastically reduces the time gap between the question and the response. In fact you can create a repository of frequently asked questions so that each time people have a question whose answer is easily available in the database they don't need to contact you over your live chat facility. They can simply type in the question and if the answer is they are, it will automatically pop up.

A live chat app you can easily install

Installing our live chat facility is one of the easiest business management tasks you need to carry out. The entire set up procedure can be carried out within 5-10 minutes. So don't waste another minute. Just log onto our website, register yourself and follow the email instructions to activate the live chat tool on your website.

Live Chat Tool

Live Chat Tool