A totally customisable online chat system at your fingertips

Are you looking for an online chat system that is completely customisable? The online chat system from Click4Assistance can totally become an integral part of your website rather than sticking out like a third-party utility. Once you have installed and customised our online chat system your visitors and customers and clients will think that it is something that you have gotten developed exclusively for your own website.

Online Chat System

You can customise every aspect of our online chat system

What is customisation? It is an ability to use a piece of software just the way you want and this is also applicable to our online chat system. You can customise the look and feel. You can also customise the way it behaves once there are visitor on your website. You can also create custom alerts so that you initiate chat conversations only when something unique happens on your website. You can completely customise the backend as well as front-end. If you are comfortable with CSS and a bit of PHP programming you can carry out the entire customisation process on your own or you can hire someone. You can also contact the friendly people at Click4Assistance.co.uk to help you out because here we want to give you a complete solution, whether you are simply looking for an online help chat that you can use out-of-the-box or if you want to completely customise it according to your existing website.

An online chat system to completely take care of your engagement needs

What do you need to effectively engage people on your website? You should be able to respond as soon as they reach out to you using your online help chat, of course. But sometimes they don't reach out to you even when they need to. Then it's up to you to initiate a chat conversation. But how do you know when to approach them? This is where you can set up automatic alert notifications. There are particular sections on your website where people may need your help and they will really appreciate if you offer help at that time.

Sometimes people get confused and decide to leave your shopping cart midway. This is a good time to approach them and ask what sort of problem they are facing? If they are not happy with the pricing, maybe you can make a better offer or suggest them an alternative using your online chat service. Maybe the product they had actually wanted isn't there in the shopping cart and they have just realise that and maybe you know how they can get that particular product. These are great ways to help people just when the need your help.

A multifaceted online help chat software

Our online chat service comes bundled with highly advanced web analytics tools that give you accurate background information about your visitors. For instance, you know before coming to your website which website they were visiting. You know the keyword they used if they found you on a search engine. It would be invaluable to know which all pages they have already gone through on your website. How much time have they spent on individual pages (the more time they have spent on a page the more is their interest, or confusion).

As one of the UKs leading online chat providers, our software ability to handle multiple interactions (3, to be precise) simultaneously. A big problem with telephone and email is that you can respond to one query at a time. Consequently in most of the cases you need to put people on hold annoying them to no end. In the same vein, people may have to wait for your email response for more than 24 or 48 hours. This will distract them or put them off or encourage them to go to another vendor.

When you handle customer queries using our chat windows you can handle 3 queries at a time, significantly increasing your response time.

When is the right time to install our online chat service? Right now!

The best thing about being one of the UKs leading online chat providers and chat system is that you don't need outside help to start using it right now. All you have to do is register on our website and within 5 minutes you will be given a small code snippet that you need to insert in the template source code of your existing website and the link to download the software. That's it! Your chat windows will become visible immediately after your button is clicked.

Online Chat System

Online Chat System