Providing live chat support from your website was never easier

Are you wondering how to provide live chat support from your website? You might be turning away prospective customers if you don't have live chat support on your website. In fact in various surveys, more than 82% people have revealed that they have a positive perception of a website that displays a live chat support icon on the website because it tells them that whenever they need to contact the website owner or anyone who can help them, it can be done immediately. Although almost all websites have a telephone number or a contact form prominently displayed, one, they are too commonplace, and two, people haven't had good experience with getting support via telephone and email. This is not to say that these modes of communication no longer matter, they do, but when it comes to providing support from your website in a meaningful and timely manner, nothing beats live chat support.

Live Chat Support

Save time and money with our live chat support application

Our live chat support application allows you to carry out multiple conversations at the same time. This means you can have an unlimited number of chat windows open to provide support to multiple people at the same time. This is not possible on telephone and email. When you provide support on telephone, you can handle one query at a time and you need to put other people on hold. Although in email you don't need to put people on hold, you can still just respond to one email query at a time, causing long delays in the process. But with our live chat support software there is no restriction. How is it made possible?

It's because when people are using text chat it takes some time for them to type in the response while you might be having scores of canned responses ready at hand. While people are responding or typing in their questions, queries and answers, you can attend to other people's queries.

How do you save money by this? Well, since you don't have to hire extra staff to take care of extra support queries, you are saving money. Suddenly, the people who were able to respond to just one call and one email query can now respond to multiple support queries at the same time.

Improve your overall efficiency with our live chat support software

Just as we are constantly improving our live chat support software and bringing it up to date with current technological advancements, our interface provides the same facility to your staff. After every chat your customer/visitor is given an opportunity to answer a small survey in order to leave feedback regarding what sort of support he or she got through your live chat for business. According to the feedback you can make changes to the way you handle your customer queries. Every transcript of your chat is saved and then emailed to all the participants. This way any time you can go through previous transcripts in order to see what sort of interaction took place and how many chats it took to solve a single problem.

Another benefit of using our live chat for business is that you can create and store canned responses. Over a period of time you will notice that most of the questions raised by your visitors and customers are raised repeatedly. In a single month scores of people may ask the same question. If each time repetitive question is answered manually there is a great scope for committing an error and even if no error is committed, it is sheer wastage of time. A better option is preparing canned responses so that the moment someone raises a particular question that already exists in the canned responses database, that response can be quickly retrieved and presented to the person. This way you don't need to worry whether the answer that you are providing is accurate or not.

Start providing chat support software from your website right now

If you want to provide hosted live chat from your website it isn't as complicated an affair as you may think initially. In fact it is so easy to get hosted live chat for your website that once you have installed it and started using it you will wonder why you haven't used it before and how you have been managing your business so far without it. It is so easy that you practically have no excuse. Just log onto our website and see the magic unfolding right in front of your own eyes with chat support software.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support