The perfect chat solutions for websites

At Click4Assistance we have flexible chat solutions for websites shapes and needs. Ours is a completely scalable chat solutions that fits the bill no matter what your visitor engagement requirements are. Our Lite version is for entry-level use for a single website and a single operator. The Professional version is more advanced in terms of how many chats you can carry out, what sort of support you get from us, what kind of customisation can be done, how many departments you can create (unlimited in this case) and co-browsing, just to name a few. The enterprise version, as the name goes, is the enterprise version which means every advanced feature that is available with our chat solutions for websites are available to you.

Chat Solutions for Website

Why different chat solutions for websites?

There used to be a time when chat solutions could only be afforded by big business houses, companies, institutions and government departments. Small business owners either found using chat software for business extremely complicated (due to the expertise required) or they thought they were unaffordable. We completely changed that. We have made our chat solutions for websites totally scalable so that no matter what size of business you are running, you can use our chat software.

The basic purpose of using chat solutions for websites is, engaging your visitors, allowing them to reach out to you when they need to, and reaching out to them when you feel is the right time. These are the basic functions of chat software for business no matter what sort of organisation you are running. If you are a small business you don't need the advanced features of our live chat for business but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to use its fundamental features, that is, interacting with your visitors and providing real-time support to your existing customers and clients. Our basic setup easily provides you these capabilities.

As your business expands and increases in size you can easily upgrade and avail facilities and features that are not available in the basic version. For example, you may have different departments to handle different queries and customer demands. Creation of unlimited departments is available in the Professional version. In the same manner, Chat Routing doesn't make sense for a small business but it makes lots of sense if multiple employees are working in your support department.

Similarly, although co-browsing is not available in the Lite version this is a feature that any business can use to great advantage. For this we would suggest that you try out our Lite version, derive its benefits and increase your sales so that you can very soon upgrade to the Professional version and avail its benefits.

Chat solutions for websites for every business need

Our chat software for business is for every company’s needs. As we have already mentioned above, the fundamental need of every business is to keep in contact with visitors, and customers and clients. You should be able to converse with your visitors at the right time for the right reason. In most of the cases your visitors will be initiating a chat conversation with you. But at many instances you need to take the initiative and offer help. Our automatic triggers can help you in this regard. At strategic points you will receive a notification that it's right time to approach the visitor and offer assistance without intruding upon his or her privacy.

Are you going to install one of the best chat solutions for your business today?

You definitely should. Just log onto our website, sign up for the trial go through the various chat solutions present on the pricing and choose the best one for your website. Installing the UKs leading live chat provider’s chat solution for your business is extremely easy. After you have registered you can download the software. You will receive confirmation emails with a link to the UKs leading live chat provider’s software and the html script to add to your site. Once downloaded and added you are ready to use the chat solution for your business within 10 minutes. Yes, it is THAT easy.

Chat Solutions for Website

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