Live chat customer service

Nowadays, customer service is just about incoming phone calls and dealing with emails using ticketing system. Both Social media and live chat providers have now entered into this arena, with the huge popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, companies now have to stay on top of comments, posts by customers and complaints, all which need to be dealt within the appropriate manner.

Customer service and call-centre are now taking advantage of live chat application which allows visitors browsing business websites to reach out and contact the customer service or sales department. Providing your visitors and customers this new form of communication opens up a number of advantages to your business and potential customers.

Live chat customer service

Benefits of using live chat application in a customer service role

From a customer service point of view there are numerous benefits to handling live chats over the normal method of communication such as the telephone, for example:

  • Handling multiple customers at the same time
  • Using pre-defined reply’s to answer common questions
  • Automatically navigating the visitor to specific pages

Obviously using a phone you can only deal with one person at a time, live chat software allows you customer service representative to handle multiple chats at the same time, we have some customers working in a support role who have handled up to 8 chats simultaneously.

The ability to allow responses to be made based on a pre-defined set of answers can speed up the length taken to answer questions and enquired, pre-defined replies also have the added advantage of ensuing any answers are in keeping with the company’s policy, thus ensuring the same question is answered in the same way to each and every visitors.

If a visitor is seeking more information on a product or service, or they are looking for technical help or support, you probably have an area or web-page that explains the questions in much more depth than you could on the phone, or during a live chat. Our live chat software allows you to automatically navigate the visitors to any page during the chat, by actually changing the page the are viewing within their browser.

Benefits of live chat software from the visitor perspective.

Not only will live chat in customer services benefit from, the visitors also appreciate the technology for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Instant communication
  • Ability to email the transcript
  • Discreet

Adding live chat is the most instant form of communication currently available, within seconds of clicking on a chat button a visitor is conversing directly with a representative of the company. There is no need to pick up the phone and wait to be put through to the right department, or send an email as wait on a response which could takes hours if not days.

During a live chat the visitor has the ability to request the transcript is emailed to them through the live chat system, once the chat is completed the system will automatically send a full copy to the visitor. With a copy of what’s said, any further contact with the company becomes efficient with previous chats being simply recalled when needed.

Most consumers working 5-9, Monday to Friday, so when they have questions about a product or service its usually during their working hours. Obviously during work making personal calls or sending emails is frowned upon, with people attempting to establish contact during the lunch breaks. Live chat software is discreet.

Considerations when adding live chat in customer service

When considering the implication of adding live chat into a customer service environment there are a number of factors:

  • Technology & Simplicity
  • Staff Training
  • Management & Operational requirements

There are 2 main factors when it comes to the actual live chat application, one is how it gets implemented on the actual website, and this includes what areas or pages the live chat button appears on, whether different chat buttons route chats through to different departments for example sales and support. The second factor is the software used by the customer service team when handling incoming chats, obviously this needs to be as intuitive and as simple to use as possible.

Obviously you will wish to ensure chats are handled promptly and deal with in the most effective manner in accordance with company policy. To achieve this a level of staff training should be put in place, this can be easily done by starting a few test chats before going live.

From a management and operational perspective, reports should provide vital information on staff productivity and the impact live chat has on the business. Figures should include the number of chats being handled and the peaks and troughs thought the day, week and month, enabling you to gear up or down staff resourcing accordingly.

Companies already using live chat for their customer service

To conclude, live chat customer service role can benefits various departments within your business, from sales to support, from account management to customer service. Regardless of the industry, of your looking to offer a first class customer service experience, live chat is becoming the way forward.

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Live Chat Customer Service

Live Chat Customer Service