The best live chat for website if you are in the UK

Looking for a live chat for website that is totally supported by a UK-based team? Click4Assistance is the answer for you. In fact this is something we often brag about that our entire team of developers, marketers and the people, who provide after-sale support, is based in and operates from the UK. There is nothing uptight about that. It's just that we have seen people going through various problems when the development, marketing and support teams are scattered all over the world and various sorts of communication gaps are the norm, not an exception. But that's just one aspect of the way we provide live chat for website. Whether you are based in UK or somewhere else, if you're looking for live chat for website, we provide you a complete assortment of features that turn every interaction into a meaningful conversation and consequently, turn maximum number of visitors into paying customers and clients.

Live Chat For Website

Why it matters to have live chat on website?

Interactivity and quick support are the greatest benefits of having live chat on website . The Internet has ushered in an era of instant response. Although people are still used to using email for business communications, when it comes to buying items and services from websites, people are looking for instant answers. Even if they are not impatient, just because there are so many choices available on the web, if they don't find the right answer at the right time on your website, they easily go to another website that catches their fancy.

Another reason to have chat solutions for websites is that not everybody is familiar with buying online. With millions of baby boomers still learning the ropes, they often abandon your shopping cart merely because they don't know how to use their credit cards. By having chat solutions for websites visitors struggling to pay may ask for help and may enter their credit card details since our chat uses 256-bit encryption and our dedication to security our live chat software for websites mask the credit card number, and allows your operator to continue to advise accordingly. Just imagine how many sales you must be losing right now simply because there is no one on your website using live chat for business to instantly help people pay you.

Our live chat for business works across multiple devices, add live chat to your website today

Long gone are the days when you needed computers and laptops to manage live chat software for websites. Our live chat interface seamlessly scales according to the device you're visitor is using and we have a handy Android app for operators. This way you can chat with your visitors on the go provided you have the Internet connection. Whether you are using an android smart phone, a tablet or a workstation, you can easily use all the features that come with our live chat for business.

What is the benefit of being able to add live chat to your website and use it on every possible major device? You are not tied down to your office seat. Suppose you are away an important sale is going on, on your website. Why remain seated to your workstation when you can carry out chat conversations using your mobile phone? You can do grocery shopping for your family while helping one of your visitors make the purchase on your website.

Our live chat for website is extremely easy to install

We totally understand that an average website owner doesn't have a degree in information technology and neither does he or she have enough budget to hire expensive web programmers. This is why we have made it extremely easy to add live chat to your website without any fuss. All you have to do is sign up on our website, you will be small JavaScript code snippet that you need to insert somewhere in the source code of your website template. Once you have done that, the chat icon becomes visible on your website and you are on the roll. Don't waste another day. Install our live chat for your website now.

Live Chat For Website