A live chat service people can totally rely on

What makes a live chat application dependable? It should be

  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Easily customisable
  • Should be able to handle multiple chat conversations at a time
  • As much background information about the visitor or the customer should be provided to the chat agent as possible when the chat is in progress
  • A live chat service should come with a feedback facility that allows you to train your support staff according to the feedback
  • It should be completely secure – Click4Assistance uses 256-bit encryption
  • It should be portable – you should be able to use it on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • It should be easily scalable – the live chat service should be able to grow as your business grows
Live Chat Service

What makes live chat provider Click4Assistance dependable?

Our live chat service comes with all the features listed above, and plenty of more. It's the powerhouse of business communication tools that you can use to supercharge your marketing efforts on your website without much ado. You can use multiple tabs to talk to multiple visitors simultaneously (you can have 3 chats at the same time). You can have video chat, text chat and in case you are not available, people can leave messages for you so that you can get back to them when you are available.

The web analytics tool of our live chat service tells you everything about your visitor

The biggest benefit of using the live chat application from the live chat provider Click4Assistance is that it comes with a toolbox equipped with web analytics features that tell you everything you need to know to have an informed chat conversation with your visitor or prospective customer or client. In fact many of our customers are using our live chat service software to improve their SEO as well as conversion rate. How?

Looking at the web analytics section our live chat solution tells you which are the most popular pages on your website. It also tells you how much time individual visitors spend on each page. Want to know what sort of search engine traffic your website is attracting? The web analytics tool tells you which keywords or search term your visitors used that lead them to your website and then how many of such visitors convert. Suppose people who search for "mobile phone with blue cover" buy more compared to "mobile phone with red cover". You can put more effort into getting better search engine rankings for the phrase "mobile phone with blue cover" and you can also make changes so that even the phrase "mobile phone with red cover" begins to convert more. These bits of information are very difficult to get unless you have deep understanding of how the usual web analytics tools work, but our live chat widget makes it extremely easy to understand.

Our live chat service generates leads even when you are unable to remain online

Of course the greatest benefit of installing a live chat service on your website is that you can interact with your visitors and future as well as present customers in real-time. As soon as they want to talk to you, as soon as they have a problem, all they need to do is, just click the chat icon and you or one of your chat agents should be there. Similarly, the moment you feel that you need to talk to one of your visitors, you should be able to initiate the conversation immediately. This is the ideal condition.

But you cannot remain online all the time especially when you are a small business and you don't have a budget to employ multiple chat agents who can monitor your visitors round-the-clock. In such case scenarios (your chat icon appears off-line) they have an ability to leave a message using a contact form. How is it different from sending you an email, you may wonder?

Although submitting a contact form sends you an email in order to send such an email they don't have to leave your website and log into their email account. They can use the contact form that is included in the live chat service. These are very attractive and intuitive forms with all the necessary error-handling routines incorporated by default. So even if you are off-line, your website can still generate leads for you with the help of the contact form that comes with our live chat service.

So what are you waiting for? You can install our live chat service at this very moment

The live chat solution that you obtain from the live chat provider Click4Assistance is not like some piece of software that needs to be developed and then integrated with your existing website. It is very easy to install and start using. You don't require any programming skills in order to get started and the best part is, our trial version enables you to try out our live chat widget without spending a single penny. So go ahead, download the software and start engaging your visitors right now.

Live Chat Service