Provide the best service with our live chat support software

The biggest challenge on your website is providing live support and our live chat support software can immensely help you in this regard. It seamlessly integrates with your existing website and allows you to carry out meaningful conversations with your visitors whether they have come to your website for the first time or they are your existing customers and clients. You can use our live chat support software 3 ways:

  • Generate leads and increase sales by engaging in chat conversations
  • Provide world-class support to your existing customers and clients
  • Provide real-time support to people who want to do business with you but are feeling stuck

To achieve all these activities you need tools that create the best circumstances that allow you to talk to your prospects in a highly effective manner and our live chat support software creates just the right environment.

Live Chat Support Software

Live chat support software with advanced web analytics tool

Our live chat support software comes loaded with one of the most advanced web analytics tools that allows you to completely get familiar with the visitor before initiating a chat conversation. Understanding means empathy and empathy means trust. If you convey to your visitors that you understand their problem and you know what they are looking for they immediately become friendly to you and want to do business with you. If you show ignorance it means you are not interested in their business. The web analytics tool that comes with our live chat support software gives you details such as

  • What is their geographic location
  • What language they speak
  • What business or company they represent
  • What website they were visiting before coming to your website
  • What search engine they used that lead them to your website
  • In case they used a search engine what keywords are used that lead them to your website
  • What all webpages on your website they have visited and how much time they have spent on individual pages
  • What is their current web page
  • If they leave your website which was the last page they visited
  • ... and so on

This is invaluable information and it equips you with lots of knowledge that you can use to totally understand what the visitor is looking for and what sort of problem he or she is facing.

Live chat support software that runs on multiple devices

Practically every device these days is a computer, so to say. Almost everything that you can do on a computer or a laptop you can also do it on a tablet or a smart phone. This is why we have made our live chat support software compatible to all the mainstream devises. So provided you have an Internet connection on the device, you can operate our chat solutions for website just the way you would operate it on a computer. What is the benefit?

If you haven't hired people to manage your chat support software on your website you don't need to constantly sit in front of your computer. You can go on doing whatever you are doing as long as you can carry around your phone or tablet. For example if you're travelling in the Tube you can quickly take out your mobile phone and check visitor activities and also provide real-time support while you are travelling. The interface that comes with mobile devices seamlessly scales according to the screen size without compromising on quality and usability.

Start providing live chat support from your website now by installing our software

Installing our live chat support software is extremely easy because it mainly consists of PHP files. After registering on our website you can download all the setup files onto your computer and then upload them onto your FTP server in no time – the setup files are hardly 1 MB. The out-of-the-box live chat support software does not require much expertise. Yes, in case you need to heavily customise and integrate our live chat support software with your existing website and CRM application you will need technical support. For that you can either hire your own web designer/programmer or you can let us know and we will do the customisation and integration work for you. So you don't need to wait any longer. Download our chat solutions for websites now.

Live Chat Support Software

Live Chat Support Software