Online chat service

There are many names for this type of technology, including live chat system, customer support chat and even a website chat tool. They all provided the same basic ability, giving visitors on your corporate website the ability to start a chat and converse with your staff.

Click4Assistance is an online chat software provider based on the UK, who have been offering this type of corporate online chat service to businesses and organisations in various market sectors including car dealerships, universities and local authorities.

Online Chat Service

How does an online live chat system work?

The concept is relatively straight forward; dedicated staff members within the organisation access the live chat system using and application which is installed on their PC, or by using s standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. This application gives the user the ability to handle incoming chats, change various configuration settings that relate the chat window or how chats are routed, and enable managers to run numerous chat reports providing key performance indicators and various metrics and statistics.

The next step is getting the online chat service onto the website, this is achieved by adding a small piece of script into the website. Usually this script is added into a common area such as the header or footer, this will then ensure the chat button is replicated across every page on the website. We recommend this type of implementation as a visitor could have a question at any point of their journey whilst on your website.

Once the website chat tool has been installed and the chat button added to the website you are now ready to start handling chats. If no staff are logged into the chat service, the chat button will default it its offline state, if clicked upon a call-back form will appear allowing the visitor to enter their contact details which will get automatically emailed you a designated staff member.

If staff are available, when the visitor clicks the button they will be asked for their name (you can ask for any other information), once their details have been entered a chat will start. Your staff will be notified of an incoming chat by a visual alert and audible sound, they can the converse with the visitor straight away in a real-time chat environment.

Benefits using a Website Chat Tool

There are a number of benefits when you provide your visitors with the ability to access online chat software, these include:

  • Multiple chat at any one time
  • Real-time instant communication

Due to the nature of chat, sometimes visitors can take a moment to reply or respond, this gives staff the ability to handle more than one chat at a time. Staff can also use pre-defined replies to respond to customer questions with just 1-click using pre-stored answered, making the whole process as simple and quick as possible.

Nowadays, individuals are looking for instant answers, due to the nature of the internet, its extremely simple and quick to find a number of websites which provide the same product or service. Customers therefore can demand and assume their question can be answered quickly and instantly without too much effort on their behalf. An online chat service such as Click4Assistance UK, fill this void by offering visitors instant answers to any question.

Factors to consider when implementing an online chat service

As when offering any new online service into your business there are various important factors that need to be considered, such as:

  • What time / days you intended to handle the chat
  • Training and ensuring staff are conversing with visitor in the correct way
  • How the chat button and chat window looks on your website

How to implement an online chat service

Click4Assistance offers chat software for business and been providing this type of chat technology for many years and have a wealth of experience with business in various marketing sectors, ranging from SME to large corporate organisations.

If you’re looking to add a chat service to your online website, we have many case-studies, white papers and technical guides; just contact us at Click4Assistance to find out more.

Alternately if your business would like to use our chat software we offer a 21 day free trial; it has no restrictions so you get the full functionality, enabling you to evaluate live chat on your business website.

Online Chat Service

online chat service