The chat program that puts you in the driving seat

Click4Assistance offers you a chat program that puts you in the commanding position. You can practically control every aspect of the communication that you have with your visitors and customers and clients. Our chat program is completely customisable and scalable. You can have it just the way you have your website with all your branding needs and template preferences. You can also design your own icons for online/off-line status. Aside from these, you can have your own logo in the Enterprise and Professional versions of our chat program. In order to customise your chat program you need minimal programming/web design skills. In case you don't want to meddle with the source code yourself, you can easily hire a web programmer or best, let us know and we will do all the customisation you need.

Chat Program

Use our chat program to provide support exactly when it is needed

The support that you provide should be the right support at the right time to make the maximum impact and this is what our chat program intends to deliver. Humanly it will not be possible for you to track each and every visitor and you will need to automate certain tasks. For example, you will need to strike up a conversation with your visitor at the right juncture. Maybe there is a stage in your shopping cart where people are abandoning and leaving your website. Maybe they are spending lots of time on a particular page on your website and they need to get some more information. So instead of tracking each and every visitor you can specifically target visitors that reach that particular section in your shopping cart or a particular page on your website. You can set automatic alerts. These alerts will automatically invite your visitor to have a chat conversation with you and if the visitor responds, you will be notified and you can carry forward the chat.

Our chat program generates hot leads for you even when you are not there

Once the business chat software button becomes visible on your website it doesn't mean you always need to be online. Of course if you can employ people who can monitor your chat 24 x 7 there’s nothing like it, but even if you cannot do that, when you're off-line, you can use the inbuilt form generator that allows people to leave their messages along with their contact details in case you are not online. How is it different from sending you email or contact form?

Submitting a contact form suffers from a psychological barrier which is not there when the form is presented to the visitor through your business chat software icon. With the email the problem is a person may need to log into his or her email account before he or she can send you a message. But when someone clicks on a chat icon there is a pop-up window that represents a chat window and through that window the person can leave you message. The best part is the person will also be leaving his or her contact details which can turn into hot leads.

Understand your visitors better with our live chat application and then engage them effectively

Effective engagement happens when you understand people properly. Understand their problems and anticipate the questions and they will be more than happy to converse with you. The inbuilt web analytics tool that comes with our business live chat software tells you which all pages the person has visited on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. The web analytics tool of our business live chat software also tells you the geographic location of the person so that you don't have to ask for it unless extremely important. Not just that, if the person has come via a search engine result page, the web analytics tool will also tell you the keywords the person used so that you know what he or she is looking for on your website.

What is stopping you from using our business live chat software when you can get it for free?

You can download the trial version for now free of cost. So there is no financial commitment and you get all the benefits that you come from the premium version of our live chat application. Could it get any better? Just log onto our website, register for free and download the software. Within minutes you will be using our live chat application to turn casual visitors into paying customers and clients.

Chat Program

Chat Program