A chat window that allows you to supercharge your bottom-line

Having a chat window facility on your website may seem like a small thing to a person who doesn't understand the power of real-time interaction. But being an entrepreneur who totally understands how important it is to constantly engage your visitors, we are sure you fully understand what a small chat window can achieve once it's functioning on your website. It's not just the chat program. It opens up the floodgates of opportunities. Just imagine how many sales you can make by proactively approaching your visitors and convincing them into doing business with you with everything in your control. Once you have a chat window working on your website, it doesn't solely depend on the whims and fancies of your visitors – it depends on you how many sales your website makes.

Chat Window

Why choose Click4Assistance for having a chat window on your website

We offer one of the most customisable chat button solutions on the Internet to make sure that you can seamlessly use our application to engage your visitors in an effective manner. We never rest on our laurels. Research and development is constantly happening at our end to make sure you get the best industry standards when it comes to using the chat button software on your website. We don't only provide you conventional tools to carry out chat conversations from your website, we offer you tools that help you step into the future. We provide you cutting-edge technology with full safety and security for your conversations. We use 256-bit encryption to make sure that confidential data can be exchanged between you and your customers and clients without even giving a second thought to the security aspect. Our chat window application gives you the ability to chat using text as well as video. The number of simultaneous chat windows that you can open is practically unlimited.

Another reason why most of our UK clients choose Click4Assistance to have a chat program is because we are completely UK-based. Our entire team – development, support and marketing – is based in UK itself. It means we work in your own time zone during your own working hours. There are no communication gaps. We totally understand your regional problems. We understand your accent and you will be able to feel at home when you talk to us rather than someone thousands of miles away.

A chat window with its own intelligence database

There are many questions that are repeatedly asked. Our live chat windows application allows you to create a database of frequently asked questions and queries. This way each time a new visitor has the same problem, instead of having to talk to you or one of your support staff, he or she can simply go through the database repository and look for the answer. This eliminates chances of error and miscommunication.

Automatic live chat windows pop-up to encourage people to contact you

The beauty of any business software lies in the extent to which it can be automated and the same goes for our live chat windows software. You can automate how and when a person is greeted on your website and prompted to have a conversation with you. A chat window will pop-up after the pre-set time (let us say, after 30 seconds). Or you can also set particular sections to prompt a chat window whenever someone is on that particular section. This way you won't have to manually invite visitors to partake in chat conversations. The automatic chat window will take care of it and whenever someone responds, you will be able to engage that person.

The chat program from Click4Assistance is easiest to get

It's very easy to get our live chat service for your website from Click4Assistance.co.uk. Log onto our website, register yourself, and follow the instructions sent in the email after sign up. The trial version is free but it comes with all the features that you get in the premium version. So there is nothing to stop you. Install live chat service on your website now and start engaging your visitors.

Chat Window

Chat Window