The cutting-edge online chat service your business desperately needs

The beauty, and also a problem, with an online chat service like ours is that unless you start using it, you don't even realise that how desperately your business has always needed such a service. Doing business online, as is the case anywhere you do business, means continuous engagement. You need to interact with your prospective customers and clients and solve problems of your existing customers and clients.

What an online chat service does is, introduce a sense of real timeliness. It means when a person contacts you he or she doesn't have to wait for you to get back. You can respond immediately. It is like you are there, present on your website and all someone has to do is click the chat icon and there you are, ready to provide all the answers the person is looking for. Doing business on the Internet no longer remains a passive activity. You can proactively interact with your prospective customers and clients and change them into either leads or paying customers.

Online Chat Service

Our online chat service increases your sales with immediate effect

Ultimately what matters is how many sales you make in a given period of time and this is where our online chat service performs the best. No matter what bells and whistles a particular online chat software for website brings you, unless it helps you increase your sales, it is of no help and this is why we have designed and developed our online chat service to maximise your performance and optimise your interactions.

In order to make your interactions as effective as possible you need a thorough background knowledge of the person you're talking to. It means you are taking trouble to understand his or her problems and are trying to solve them as early as possible. Our online chat service comes with an advanced web analytics tool that gives you ample amount of background information to speed up your understanding of the other person's problem. As soon as you open the chat window you know the person's geographic location. In many cases you also know the language the person speaks. You get a tabular list of all the webpages the person has visited on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual web page. It also shows you the referring website – the website the person has visited prior to coming to your website. In case the person found your website on a search engine our business chat service web analytics tool will tell you what keyword the person used and this will give you an accurate idea of what he or she is looking for.

Sell to your heart's content with our online chat service

Once you have installed our online chat software for websites you don't need to depend on factors that are not in your hand. Prior to website chat software going mainstream, you had to depend on how your website had been designed and how your content had been written and how focused your visitor was in order to be able to make a sale. From your side there was no direct involvement. Our website chat software totally changes this. You can approach people when they enter your website. You can make offers. You can suggest them various options (which trousers would go best with a shirt being purchased) and you can provide them all the help they need in real-time. It will be like an actual person accompanying them. You may also sell products and services they hadn't intended to buy initially. For example, if they are buying a domain from your website and you also offer hosting services, you can create a package on-the-fly that would be irresistible to your visitor. This is not possible if the visitor is left to his own devices.

Get business chat service for your website immediately

With our trial version you can get our business chat service immediately for your website. There doesn't need to be any financial commitment from your side. Simply register yourself, download the software and add the script to your site. You will be running on your website within 5-10 minutes with the UK’s leading live chat service provider.

Online Chat Service

Online Chat Service