Do you have live chat active on your website? If no, do it now!

With more than 82% people having a positive perception of websites having active chat solutions for website is no longer remains an option – it's mandatory. Just like you have your phone number and your contact form and without them your website just doesn't seem legitimate, the same is the case with having live chat on websites. People have begun to expect seeing chat icons (with an online status or off-line status) on websites and the immediately have a negative perception of your website if you don't have chatting facility.

Live Chat On Website

Why is it necessary to have live chat on websites?

First, website chat software is everywhere. Whether you're using a mobile phone or a computer the facility to chat with your friends and relatives is ubiquitous. Even social networking websites like Facebook that didn't have a chat messenger previously now have a dedicated chat messenger. Google has one. Apple has it. So does Microsoft and every other software company worth its salt. So when people don't see live chat on websites, whether they realise it or not, they immediately relegate you to a bygone era.

Live chat on websites allows people to contact you immediately in case they need some assistance. Whether they are visitors or your existing customers and clients, when they come on your website and see the website chat software icon they get this perception that someone is just round the corner. They can always reach out to you in case they need to. It isn't a necessity that every visitor would like to talk to you but those who want to will certainly appreciate the presence of live chat for websites.

Website live chat software allows you to converse with multiple people

A great thing about our website live chat software is that when you install it on your website you can chat with multiple people. This is something that cannot be achieved if you use phone or email to provide support or answer to people's queries. Physically it is not possible to answer to multiple phone calls at the same time. Similarly, you can reply to one email at a time. But on your website using our live chat for websites it is possible to attend to 3 conversations at the same time. So no longer you have to put people on hold simply because you are busy with another customer. This saves you time, money and of course lots of heartburn. By simply having website live chat software you can literally triple your workforce without spending the extra money.

Use live chat on websites to increase business

Once you start using our live chat on websites it doesn't mean you are stuck at your computer or laptop for ever. Of course it's better to be available 24 x 7 we totally understand that unless you hire extra workforce it is not possible for you. So what do you do? One option is to provide support during the working hours when everybody is expected to be there. Another option is to use multiple devices. For example, when you start using our chat solutions for websites you can answers to people's queries using your smart phone, tablet or any other device that can be hooked onto the Internet. Provided you have a decent Internet connection, you can attend to people's queries using live chat on your website.

You can install website chat software right now

As a small business owner you don't need a web designer or a programmer to install live chat on your website. Simply register on our website – – you will get a tiny bit of code that you need to insert in the source code of your existing website and once you have done that, the live chat button is visible on your website. Just download the software and there you are! You can start converting your visitors into paying customers and clients right now by installing live chat on your website.

Live Chat On Website

Live Chat On Website