Add a personal touch to your website with live chat software

Our live chat software allows you to add a personal touch to your website. How does it matter? Back in the late 90s or early 2000's websites were a novelty. The mere fact that you were on a website browsing through a catalogue and ordering online used to fill you with thrill and excitement. No longer. Online shopping is just like shopping at your local retail store and you want all the facilities that are available in your local retail store. Aside from ease of use and non-intrusive interface, you need your issues resolved in real-time just the way it happens in the real world – you have a problem, you approach someone from the shop, and your issue is resolved. On a website, the same can be achieved with live chat software.

Live Chat Software

Our live chat software blurs the line between the real world and the online world

Despite the fact that more and more people are getting used to doing business online, we still prefer the old world ways of being able to talk to someone before making a purchase. Although we get to do lots of talking on Facebook and Twitter these days, these are not same as using live chat software on your website. You are the expert. You are selling a product or service that you know of inside and out. Although many may think that your opinion would be biased and in favour of your product or service, still, people want to talk to you in case they cannot make up their minds before purchasing from your website. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Even when you are visiting a shop, you approach a salesperson or let the salesperson guide you around. The same can be done using live chat software.

When you have real time chat software installed on your website your customers are never on their own

No matter how much you automate your website in terms of interactivity it can never compete with your real time chat software. Actually it's not the ability to chat, it's the level of interactivity, the level of human touch that you bring in, that matters. Free live chat software is just a tool, eventually it is your ability to help your visitors and customers that matters the most. But of course, in order to have effective communication, you need state-of-the-art tools and this is where our live chat software UK plays a very important role. What makes our live chat software UK the perfect communication tool for your business website?

  • Ability to hold multiple conversations at the same time
  • Complete security with 256-bit encryption
  • PHP-based and lightweight
  • Completely customisable and scalable
  • Text chat as well as video chat
  • Advanced web analytics to give you all information about your visitors, customers and clients
  • Easy portability – you can use our live chat software on multiple devices such as computer, laptop, tablets and smart phones
  • Advanced contact form in case you are not online
  • After-chat service to help you improve your support service
  • Easily exchange confidential information such as credit card numbers, documents and URLs
  • Set up automatic notifications to let you know exactly when to approach your visitor on your website
  • Automatic emailing of transcripts when chat is over
  • and much more

Why it makes sense to install live chat software UK on your website right now

According to various online surveys over 82% people admit that they consider websites running real time chat software favourably compared to those that don't. An ability to chat on your website isn't just a "cool feature" – it's an empowering tool. Just imagine, the moment someone has a problem on your website, he or she can quickly click the chat icon and get in touch with you (or one of your chat agents).

The great thing is it isn't just that your customers and visitors are able to reach out to you, even you can do that if you feel they need your help. All you have to do is, using our non-intrusive interface, offer help from the corner of your screen. Over a period of time, with the help of the data that you gather from our best live chat software web analytics section, you will be able to develop intelligence regarding when to approach your visitors. People are leaving your website right now without doing business with you. You can stop a big number of those people by installing our free live chat software trial on your website and then interacting with them. Download it now from our website.

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

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