Live chat software for real-time conversion improvement

Live chat software can help you drastically improve your conversion rate right from the first day. Whereas every aspect of your website may take a few weeks or a few months to show some improvement in your conversion rate, live chat software begins to work immediately (provided you have some traffic on your website that you can engage). This is why business live chat software must be an integral part of your overall customer service plan.

But how does it really work? Does it work on autopilot? Not at all. Live chat software for business is a mix of human-driven interaction and technology-driven automation. Simply putting a chat icon on your website isn't going to do much for you if you don't know how to engage your visitors in order to improve your conversion rate. In order to improve your conversion rate you need to improve the level of interaction, the speed of your response and the ease with which people can contact you when they really need your help. Analytics also play a major role.

Live Chat Software

Improve engagement with live chat software for business

The more you engage people the better inclined they are towards doing business with you and this has been established by study after study. Live chat software for business helps you engage your visitors exactly when they are ready to be engaged. One way is to promptly respond when they have a question or a concern. Your chat icon is already there on your website when you have installed live chat software. All they have to do is, click the chat icon and start a conversation. Then it's up to you how you engage your visitors. Are you ready with all the answers? Are you ready to help? Does your answer satisfy your visitor or customer? These are very important questions and unless the answers are in the affirmative, there isn't enough engagement happening no matter what sort of live chat software for websites you have installed.

People remember incidents in conversations that have a strong impact, whether it is a negative impact or a positive impact. What you want to achieve with your live chat software for websites interaction is to make a positive impact. You will improve the level of engagement using your live chat software if you can hold conversations that add value to people's lives.

You can increase the average order value by installing live chat software on your website

When people come to your website they are normally focused on the item they had initially wanted to buy. For example, if a person is looking for a particular phone model, he or she will be checking out various specifications of that particular model on your website. What if you have a better model that is slightly expensive? Maybe the model the person is looking for doesn't even have the features that would be really useful to him or her and maybe a slightly expensive phone has those features.

A polite offer to help out your visitor can go a long way in increasing the average order value on your website. You can encourage people to purchase more expensive items not just because you want them to spend more on your website (actually, nothing wrong in that) but because you wouldn't want them to miss out on the features the new item would bring them.

The web analytics feature that comes with our live chat software toolbox can help you immensely by telling you how much time a person is spending on various sections on your website. This way (taking the example of the website selling phone models) you can find out which models the person has been checking out. You can introduce yourself with a hello and then offer to help. You can ask the person what features he or she is looking for and then suggest the models that have those offers or in which those features work the best.

Install our quick and easy live chat software now

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this page, you can improve your conversion rate by installing our business live chat software from the word go. You don't have to wait. All you have to do is, register yourself (if you haven't already done so) on our website, and download the solution onto your computer. You will be sent html script after completing sign up just simply copy and paste it into your website. Within 5 minutes you will be ready to go. So don't wait, download live chat software now.

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