Our live chat widget allows you to seamlessly engage your visitors

Visitor-engagement is one of the most essential parts of doing business online and our live chat widget makes it extremely easy for you to have effective interactions with your visitors and customers. Various surveys have revealed that more than 80% of online users have a positive perception about a website that has a live chat widget prominently displayed. Why is it so?

Chat messengers are everywhere these days. In fact this activity has never receded. Ever since the days when the Internet went mainstream, the ability to chat with various people has always been a mainstay for many people.

With communication technologies improving and connectivity being available to almost everybody on the planet, the ability to chat has become an ubiquitous presence. This is why when people see a live chat widget on your website they feel like you are in sync with the times and proactively want to engage people when they are on your website and you want to be there for them in case they need you after they have purchased your product or service.

Live Chat Widget

Install a live chat widget on your website and be always there for your customers

Your customers (both present and prospective) like it when they feel that you are within reach. Having a phone number or simply a contact form seem very passive and requires extra effort in order to be able to reach out to you. For example, if someone calls you he or she will have to pick up the phone, dial the number and then wait for his or her turn in case there are many callers already talking to you or your representative. The same happens with email. Once someone has sent you an email, he or she has to wait sometimes for many hours to get a reply from you. A live chat widget on your website on the other hand provides instant feedback. There are many reasons.

The biggest reason is that your chat agent can handle multiple interactions at the same time. There is practically no limit to how many chats you can carry out at the same time without mixing things up. It's up to you or your chat agents how many queries and questions you can handle. The restriction that you have while providing support with telephone and email no longer exists when you use the live chat tool on your website. This is the reason why people eagerly use a live chat tool rather than a telephone or a contact form in order to contact you.

But does live web chat software leave a contact form redundant? No, that's not the case. The contact form is important and this is why when you use our live web chat software we also give a contact form builder that you can use to gather leads in case you are not online at that time.

A completely secure live chat widget

We use 256-bit encryption to facilitate conversations through our live chat application. This means you can exchange confidential information while talking to each other. You can advise on how to pay as some visitors may not be able to figure out how to carry out payments and consequently, abandon your shopping cart midway. You can stop them from going without making a purchase by helping them out. Similarly all the transcripts that are generated are completely secure and safe from prying eyes so people can interact with you through the live chat application without inhibition.

Our live chat application is extremely easy to install

If you have been trying to improve usability experience on your website then let us assure you that installing a live chat facility is one of the easiest ways of doing that. Register on our website and download the software. That's it. Once you have carried out the download procedure that is extremely easy you will be provided with a small code snippet that you have to copy/paste into the source code of your main website template. The moment you save the modified template, the live chat facility will be visible on your website and you can start interacting with your visitors from the word go.

Live Chat Widget

Live Chat Widget