Click4Assistance provides live chat software for UK businesses

If you’re looking for live chat software for any type of business, Click4Assistance UK can provide this type of technology backed up with many years of experience and knowledge gained from dealing with business websites across the UK.

Live Chat Software For

Live chat software for Business

The concept of chat has been around for many decades now, however businesses realised they couldn’t just let their website sit idle and expect sales to just happen, therefore the idea of having live chat software for businesses where they can engage with their site visitors was born. Click4Assistance has been around for over a decade since this idea was born and though businesses in the UK were slow to pick up on this technology it is a completely different story today, it is surprising to see websites without live chat software for business now.

Live chat software for websites

Click4Assiatance basically provides live chat software for websites; the solution can be used for any website from ecommerce to simple one or two pages static sites. By adding software to your site gives people browsing for products or services the ability to chat live with a member of your staff.

Websites that use live chat have reported that many benefits are offering using this type of communication channel. Not only have increased sales and improved customer service been reported, it has also become apparent that the number of incoming telephone and email enquiries have reduced.

Dealing with incoming live chat is much more streamlined, an operator can deal with a number of chats at the same time, we know of agents that can handle up to 10. The software includes a list of pre-defined replies allowing the agent to respond promptly within seconds with just one click after making their selection.

Live chat software for every type of industry

No matter what type of industry you are in, live web chat software can be used for it. Click4Assistance has a range of UK companies from Universities to car dealership, all which are benefitting from using software for and on their website.

Live chat software for websites can be used to increase sales and generate leads, can be used for advisory services and can even be used in adjunction to webinars to get your viewers engage and involved. Got a different idea of how you want live web chat software to work for you? Click4Assistance’s solution is fully customisable around your needs so no more trying to make your requirements fit an “off the shelf” product.

Live chat software for the smaller company

Chat software for websites can make a huge difference to the smallest of companies, as long as you have the traffic going to your site, you can improve your website by offering visitors the opportunity to chat should the need arise. Usually 57% of visitors will abandon a site if they can’t find instant answers to their questions. Chat software for websites can make you maximise on that 57% and reduce it instantly.

Why not start our free 21 day no obligation trial and see the benefits your company can receive when you open up to your visitors with live chat software.

Live chat software for larger corporate organisations

Large corporate organisations have a lot more to lose if their reputation is tainted by poor service. I’m sure you can think of a few right now. By offering live chat software on a large corporate website, the channels of communication are as strong as possible as allow your visitors to choose how they want to interact with your large corporate organisation.

Click4Assistance work with a huge number of large corporate organisations where live chat software has proven to reduce email enquiries by 93% and to increase conversions by 42%. Large corporates have experienced their fantastic results from implementing live chat software and have not looked back since.

Why not speak with one of our senior account managers today and received a personalized consultation and demonstration to see how you can implement live chat software on your corporate website?

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