Know your visitors inside out with our online help chat

Although the greatest benefit of installing online help chat on your website is the ability to strike up effective conversations and hence improving your conversion rate, the effectiveness is made possible with the advanced web analytics tools that come with our online help chat software. These tools give you in-depth information on what people have been up to on your website.

Why is it important to have all this information with you? Conversation doesn't happen in vacuum. You need to know about the person with whom you are about to have an interaction. In the normal world it is easier to get information about people because you can observe them. When someone comes in your office, in your shop or in your retail store you can observe that person. You can see him or her visiting various sections and you know what he or she might be looking for. Without such a mechanism functional on your website, it is not possible to first know exactly when someone is on your website and when he or she is on your website, what he or she is looking for.

Online Help Chat

Provide online help chat with a service that shows you information in real-time

The moment someone enters your website you can get a notification from our online chat software for website. Then it is up to you whether you want to observe every move of the person or you want to set up automatic notifications so that the moment someone enters the "hotspot" area you can either start observing the person or prompt a chat conversation.

A lot of your traffic comes from search engines. The inbuilt web analytics tool of our online help chat software tells you what keyword the person used in order to be able to find your website. This gives you a clear idea of what the person is looking for and you can strike up a conversation with the person accordingly. You can observe which sections the person is visiting according to the keyword he or she used. You can also know what amount of time he or she is spending on particular sections on your website. If not from the search engine, the person must have come from another website. This can also help you improve your SEO as well as conversion rate. It means once you have installed our online help chat software SEO becomes a breeze.

An online sales chat service completely based in the UK

Although we are not exclusively serving UK customers (you can use our online chat software for website anywhere in the world) but if you are based in the UK and operate a business from here the good news for you is that our entire development, marketing and support team is based in the UK itself. This means we are constantly working in your time zone. Our working hours are your working hours. We speak your language in your accent. We understand your geographical and cultural problems and best, there are no communication gaps.

Does this mean our clients that are based outside of UK face problems with us? Not at all. This is just something that we like to mention, that no matter where you are, you can seamlessly use our online chat system without any fuss.

Help your visitors do business with you with our online chat system

With our online chat system you can turn practically every visitor into either a lead or a paying customer or client. You just need to engage them into meaningful conversations. Help them when the help is needed and reach out to them at the right time with the help of the features of our online sales chat. Try our free no obligation trial right now and start helping your visitors make better decisions when they are on your website.

Online Help Chat

Online Help Chat

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