Multiple live chat windows with our corporate chat software

Are you still providing support to your visitors and customers and clients using phone and email? Do you know that you can manage multiple live chat windows with our live chat software? The best part is you get to use our live chat tool not just in the Windows operating system but almost every operating system that is popularly used on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. You can carry out multiple conversations at the same time in different windows.

Live Chat Windows

What are the implications of being able to use live chat windows?

Suppose in your support department you have 5 people attending to customer calls. So far you have been using phone and email. When people call you, since you have 5 people in your support department, you can handle 5 support calls at a time. At a particular time, 5 telephone calls can be handled. Similarly at a time only 5 emails can be reply to at a time (again, assuming you have 5 persons continuously replying to email queries). Now suppose you have installed our live chat software that you can use on Windows and other operating systems.

Since you can have multiple chats in multiple windows one support person can take care of 3 customers at a time for example. What does that mean? Suddenly your support staff has increased from 5 to 15! And that too without having to invest in extra infrastructure and extra manpower. You are spending the same amount of money on your staff and still the benefit that you are getting is 3 times more. And this is just the numbers we're talking about. The other benefits of being able to handle multiple live chats in multiple windows are practically infinite.

What makes it possible to have multiple live chat windows running at the same time?

There is nothing magical about it. To be frank you can entertain multiple chats at a time only when all the chats are happening in text mode. This is because when one person is typing in a reply you can quickly attend to another person. It takes time to type in your response also but since you or your chat agents will be used to typing fast or digging out answers that don't need much typing, you will be easily able to juggle between multiple live chat windows compared to your customers and visitors. If you are having a video chat even then you can juggle between multiple live chat windows but then it depends on your comfort level.

Installing live chat opens up multiple windows of opportunities

How does installing a live chat tool open multiple windows of opportunities for your business? It's simple. Suddenly you will experience an improved conversion rate because when people don't find the answers they are looking for, they won't simply leave your website, they will just click your chat button and seek your help. But the windows of opportunities don't just stop here.

You can upsell and cross-sell on your website using our corporate chat software. This means if someone is buying shirts from your website you can also sell him or her the matching trousers and offer a bargain rate. In the same manner if someone is buying a mobile phone perhaps you can also add a few accessories to the order. You can show your best sales man/woman capabilities using the multiple live chat windows that you can open to interact with your visitors.

Would you like to use live chat windows on your website? Download the setup files now

If you want to add live chat to websites the exercise is extremely easy. All you have to do is log onto our website, register yourself as a user. Follow the instructions in the email you will receive to download the software and to copy over the script sent to you and that’s it you have corporate chat software implemented.

Live Chat Windows

Live Chat Windows

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