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What are business chat solutions?

Let’s begin with the basic of what business chat solutions actually is, in simple terms it provides visitors on a company website the ability to start a text based chat with any staff member or department within the organisation.

Now the basics are out the way, we need to look at what make a user friendly functional solution for both the visitor and the staff member. Visitors just want to have their questions answered in the easiest, quickest and most efficient way possible; they just want to see that business live chat is available, click on a button and start chatting.

Staff members have the similar requirements to visitor’s in-terms of the software being easy to use together with being quick and efficient to respond. However, from a business perspective management need to ensure chats are being handled in the appropriate way, using metrics to monitor any resources used.

Brand awareness is also an important factor for any organisation, using business chat solutions on your website has both a visual and emotion impact on the visitors seeing and using it. Although in essence the chat is a bolt-on to your website, it shouldn’t look like one, it should reflect the business and its website in terms of all design aspects from font styles, colours and graphics.

Business Chat Solutions

So why should you consider Click4Assistance business chat service?

Click4Assistance has been providing a variety of business sectors in the UK for nearly 10 years, over this time is has gained a wealth of experience from clients using its business chat solutions, infact the system has been developed constantly around feedback and the needs of organisation use it.

Not only do we have a great understand how business live chat software should be implemented within the website, we understand the perception of both visitors and staff members when using the business chat software, allowing us to provide guides on best practices and training courses to cater for the needs of any type of business.

I don’t want to get bogged down with the software and its features too much, but there are a number of points I would like to emphasise as they explain why Click4Assistance takes business live chat software seriously.

  • Full brand able – The chat window which appears on the website is fully customisable allowing a seamless fit with your corporate brand and image
  • Respond using pre-defined replies – During the chat staff have the ability to send a detailed response by selecting from a list of pre-configures replies, with just one click a visitor can be responded too
  • Over 60 management reports – providing managers in both operational and marketing department various metrics and key performance indicators.

Business Sectors that use Live Chat

As you probably are already aware there is no limit to the type of organisation using business live chat, in fact smaller businesses took advantage of this type of communication before the larger corporates decided to implement. Nowadays, corporates are becoming more and more aware of the benefits, gearing their organisation to deal with the new form of communication media, in the same way they did a few years ago with the rise of social media.

Click4Assistance has recently seen huge interest from both Universities and local councils, both looking to achieve different outcomes.

For example, Universities are using business chat service to help deal with the influx of admissions at various times of the year. By offering potential students this new communication channel means no matter where they are located in the world with just one click they are chatting with the right person, being a texted based communication channel also breaks down and language and accent barriers that you would normally deal with over the phone.

As we all know Local UK councils have been hit hard with the recession, with annual cut backs and more demand from their local area, unfortunately jobs have been cut and resources stretched. Business chat software offered a possible solution to assist with streaming resources and handling multiple customer enquiries simultaneously and feedback is confirmed it’s delivering.

Why are more and more companies using business live chat

Even with a few brief comments about the 2 areas above its quiet easy to see and comprehend how business chat service is an important communication channel that delivers numerous benefits, so in answer to our own question, more and more business are using live chat because it offers cost effective saving for huge rewards.

Here are a couple of other apparent reasons:

  • To offer instant support – Should a potential or existing customer have a question regarding your service or product they are just one click away from getting the answers they want in black and white. They even have the ability to email themselves a copy of the chat transaction which they recall when required.
  • To help close and offer deals – On ecommerce sites, when a customer is ready to make a purchase they normally have a question, again, your staff can intervene, offer assistance and help, provide information on the right product and any related items that maybe on special offer etc.
  • Text chat is the way forward – Lets for a moment take a look at demographic between 16 and 25, most if not all have a smartphone, they have been texting for years, more involved in social media than ever before, and always prefer text based communication to actually speaking with somebody (like we did in the olden days)

Need more information on business chat solutions?

For more information on our business chat solutions, or even if you just want to pick our brains, drop us a line, or should that be let’s have a chat!

Business Chat Solutions

Business Chat Solutions

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