Transform and shape your company with our business chat service

When you decide to install business chat service on your website it means you are ready to take your business to the next level. No longer will you want to depend on chance. You want to take the bull by its horns. You want to steer the wagon of your enterprise in the direction that you want rather than depending on the whims of search engines, social networking traffic and your visitors.

Business Chat Service

Beginning to use a business chat service is like taking a new turn

You have been doing business without a chat service, right? You may have an idea how important it is to engage your visitors but you haven't actually experienced the drastic improvement your website goes through once you start using a business chat service. Without a live chat for business, there is a wall between you and your visitors. You can have some mechanisms set that will tell you that people are coming to your website but that's that. Beyond that you cannot do anything. You can also use web analytics tools like Google Analytics to study traffic patterns but it may take many weeks and lots of hits and misses before you can see some solid results. But what happens when you start using business live chat? You see results immediately.

Why installing business live chat transforms your company with great speed?

Assuming you are getting a decent amount of targeted traffic on your website a big part of your business must be going away because people somehow cannot figure out how to buy from you. It could be some communication gap or they are simply unable to pay using their credit cards, or whatever is the reason, in most of the cases, it is something very simple, something very basic that ends up either distracting them or leaving them disenchanted. By installing a business chat service you can proactively engage them in conversations and remove all doubts, apprehensions and plug the communication gaps.

Since our corporate chat software includes an analytics feature, you have all the information you need to have a highly productive conversation with your visitors, in most of the cases you will be solving their problems and encouraging them to buy from you. If they are unable to use their credit card on their own, you can process their payments at your end because you can easily exchange secure information using the business chat service interface.

After you have installed our live chat software for business on your website you can start interacting with your visitors and turning them into hot leads as well as paying customers and clients from the word go. Various studies have shown that 60% customers abandon shopping carts because they cannot figure out how to proceed. There might not be any problem with your shopping cart, they are simply not used to it. This small problem can be solved by offering to help them in a timely fashion. How do you do that?

Our business chat service allows you to set up automatic notifications

Even if you prominently display the chat icon on your website not every visitor needing your help is going to click it. You need a system that tells you when to pitch in and offer help. The automatic notifications feature of our business live chat allows you to initiate chat conversations at strategic stages. When you observe that most of the shopping cart abandonments happen in a particular section of your website, you can set up automatic notifications such that whenever a person is in that particular section, you are notified and you can initiate a chat session with that person.

In the same vein if you feel that at particular junctures more people tend to leave your website, you can set up a notification so that whenever someone is on that section, you can intervene and stop that person from leaving your website in a polite manner.

Get our live chat software for business on your website for free

Worried whether our corporate chat software will work for your website or not? We have got a no-risk trial version of our live chat for business that you can quickly download and install on your website. All you have to do is register yourself, and follow the instructions emailed to you. That's it. No obligation. You can start using our live chat software for business right now if you want. Go ahead.

Business Chat Service

Business Chat Service